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You Know You’re Psychic When….

Sounds like the beginning of a joke right?  You know you’re psychic when…  and for most people, they believe that in order to complete that sentence, you need to speak to dead people.  I’m going to tell you a secret.  That’s a different sentence!  HA HA HA HA That’s: “You know you’re a psychic medium when…” just a little psychic humor.  But it’s true, there are a lot of misconceptions about being psychic.  And, we are all taught what it means to be psychic.  The idea and definition is literally learned.  You either learned it from the crazy Hollywood, super spiritual demon filled angel warrior head spinning priest condemning movies… or from your family, your religious upbringing, or personal investigations.

Most people think “being psychic” is a power that others have to connect and communicate with the non-physical beings, and that’s mostly right, but it’s overlooking their own part in psychic connections.

Let’s just unpack that for a moment, before we talk about how we communicate.

What I’m bringing forward is the idea that we all have a different understanding of what “being psychic” means.

Being psychic isn’t a power but rather an ability to connect, which has less to do with spirits & nonphsyical entities talking and more to do with humans paying attention.  The hardest part (I’ve found) about this connection is learning how to listen.  Learning how to separate what I think I know… (my ego and the idea that the world revolves around me) and allow messages to come to me through familiar signs and words but not for me… for the person that I’m reading.  But enough about me.  Let’s talk about you.

If you think you are psychic, you are.  It’s that simple.

Once you have that thought that you are psychic, you decide whether you are going to pursue and learn and grow… or whether you are going to “turn it off”.  Being psychic is like any other talent or gift, if you don’t use it and practice it, you won’t be able to use it very well.  Imagine having a natural ability to play the piano, you being able to pick out the notes to any tune… and if you sat at the piano every day you would be able to play lovely melodies, easily and quickly and fantastically… but if you didn’t practice. If you never sat at a piano, you would still be able to pick out the notes once in a while, but it would the difference of two fingers picking notes, rather then all 10 fingers gliding over the keys in a majestic waterfall of sound.

It’s like turning into a radio station.  Once you’re tuned in, you can listen and enjoy the music.  AND, You don’t always have to turn on the radio.

You know you’re psychic when….. (this is an abridge list from the 50 found at

  1. You believe yourself to be, and describe yourself as, “a good judge of character.”
  2. You have an immediate sense of comfort or discomfort when meeting certain people for the first time, and that feeling is more important to you than anything they may say or do.
  3. You’ve seen, heard, or felt what you can only call ghostsor spirits.
  4. You have family members who claim to have had psychic experiences.
  5. You have a profound sense of dislike or distrust of someone (for no “good” reason) that later proves to be justified.
  6. You have some sense of people’s “stories” or you find that you know details about their lives before you get to know them.
  7. You seem to have a sign floating above your head that invites strangers to tell you their personal histories or to discuss their intimate problems.
  8. When you meet animals (pets) for the first time, they always respond to you positively, relative to other people; their owners remark “She must really like you; she’s usually not this friendly with strangers.”
  9. Your own pets always know when you’re about to arrive, even when it’s off-schedule.
  10. Babies either smile at you readily or cannot seem to stop staring at you.
  11. You know a friend’s mood the moment you see her or hear her voice.
  12. You notice the atmosphere of a room change when someone new enters it.
  13. When visiting a building of historical significance you can “see” people and events taking place there, almost like flashes of scenes from a film.
  14. You see sequences of the same numbers over and over again, often enough that you wonder what they must mean.
  15. You suddenly find yourself thinking about someone who hasn’t crossed your mind in years, and soon after you receive a call or email from him, or literally run into him on the street.
  16. Your dreams often come true.
  17. You dream that you are people other than yourself.
  18. You dream that you are speaking a foreign language (one you don’t know in your waking life).
  19. You often hear someone calling your name, even when there is no one there.
  20. You often have to turn off the shower because you think you hear someone calling, the phone ringing, or music playing.
  21. You change your regular route, on a sudden impulse, and later discover that you avoided a traffic jam, accident, train crossing, etc.
  22. When you were a child, you had imaginary friends with elaborate back-stories, and you knew very specific, detailed information about who they are.

Ask yourself, what is holding you back?  What would allow you to investigate your own psychic ability and why haven’t you already?

Most answers involve other people.  Yup. Most people haven’t investigated their psychic abilities because of what they think other people will think.  Their family, neighbors, friends.

I’ve got news for you… it doesn’t matter if you’ve decided to take yoga, a tarot reading class or go back to school to finish your degree… the people around will either support your decision or they won’t. In the end, the choice is still your choice.  You choose.  Take responsibility and decide to step into your greatness, and fill your soul with the pure positive energy of your purpose or search for soul purpose…


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