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When You’re Pulled Towards Something…

Have you ever been pulled towards something… like a place, or a phrase?  Have you ever ignored it and it keeps coming to you, keeps popping up in strange and wonderful ways?

For me.  That’s Half Moon.

Last week I passed a highway sign that displayed the town of Halfmoon.  It stuck.  I was on a long road trip dropping my middle daughter off at summer camp. It’s a 4 hour drive there, and a 4 hour drive back. (give or take an hour or two for traffic)  and there is was… an ordinary blue highway road sign: “Halfmoon 2 miles“.

I don’t know why that was so sticky.  It stuck in my thoughts and on my way back, even though I had hours of travel between halfmoon and my home, I vowed I would pull off the highway and real tarot reading and law of attraction half moonstop.  I day dreamed about finding a quaint town with the perfect house and storefront and I would magically be transformed from my current situation (serving my clients with online readings only) to my hearts desire… opening a lovely whimsical shop filled with crystals, candles and magic.

Two hours into the trip… I doubted my resolve.  I thought, “If there’s really something there for me, a quick search on Google will tell” …  Then I thought… I’ll just check it out online when I get home.  The traffic was getting heavier and heavier… My mind was saying, “Don’t be ridiculous, just get home as fast as you can so you don’t spend anymore time driving.”  And yes, I had all but given up and decided to play it safe, just drive home.

Then I realized I needed Gas.  As sign telling me that a service station was only 5 miles away at that exit.  I told myself, “if this is the Halfmoon exit, then it was meant to be.

It was.

I pulled off the highway, trusted my intuition to turn right, and found myself in a rather high-end shopping district. With large Anchor stores, strip malls, gas stations and business condo’s.  It wasn’t at all what I had wanted…  This wasn’t my vision AT ALL

There was NO ONE handing me the key to my quaint little shop… or even being particularly nice.

I got gas, and I was going to leave then I thought… Well… I might as well try google.  BUT instead of googling realestate… I looked up Psychic.

It turns out I was 50 feet from where I saw, was a metaphysical shop called Among Angels.  This little shop was a wellness center, educational center and every bit the whimsical shop I wanted to have one day. (albiet in a strip mall, not a quaint little storefront)  and inside extraordinary.  I bought a tarot deck. (The Guilded Tarot) and left.  I enjoyed that little stop.

And I had forgotten all about it, until this morning.

Today as I meditated and set my intention and asked for guidance… I was reminded about half moon.  I was pushed to look for more information about half moon, to find out what the message really was… AND I received this today. AND I was told to share.

This phase is called the “half moon” since it is illuminated one-half and increasing. The seed is now starting to make roots and the forward growth of the plant structure. At this phase, it symbolizes a period of strength, determination, focus, decision-making or re-evaluation, and commitment to action.
Remember to keep moving forward despite the fears, doubts or any emotions that can get in the way. Utilize any emotional energy into a creative passion that you can achieve tasks and finish goals. (from

The hardest part of my existence is letting go and allowing the universe to continue to provide answers and access. When I saw those words today I knew they were my direct answer to the questions I had posed this morning. Yes, a DIRECT Answer.  While my questions are a matter between me, my guides and the universe… suffice it to say… I’m sharing the answer because I believe that it will answer YOUR questions too.  (at least some of you)

I’m sharing with you today because you need to know that you are divinely loved and guided and you choose… to listen or ignore.  You choose to take action or remain inactive. The message of the half moon is not reserved for an celestial event.  It is always available. It is part of the universe.

Ask your question… and allow your answer.

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