What you need to know right now about today

Good Morning Beautiful Souls,

This morning I’m writing with a cherished message from my guides to you.

There is a difference between the actual physical reality and our perception of our physical reality.  I was thinking about this yesterday and tried to put it together for myself and woke up with this analogy provided by my guides.

It’s like a traffic jam.  Have you ever been in traffic and slowly inching up towards what you would expect to be someone broken down or worse a crash… then suddenly the traffic free’s up as if by magic.  There’s no one on the shoulder of the freeway.  There is no explanation that you can find.  Your mind supposes the reasons because it thinks in the three dimensional way that you experience the world around you.

Your possibilities and experiences are like that.

Your perception of what is happening is such a small fraction of what is really happening around you.  In some ways, you are like the person stuck in traffic for an unknown reason.  Your perception of the traffic is that “you are stuck in traffic”.  Some people consider the other souls around them stuck as well and even those people are still focused on the physical three dimensional realm of their experience and what they “imagine” the people around them are experiencing.

Even with our limited awareness and even with the limitations of the words that I have available to convey this idea, I feel the truth that we are so much more than “being stuck in traffic” and while it feels like we are physical stuck, does it affect our soul?  Does sitting in a car, possibly being late for work or even on the verge of running out of gas, change who we are?

We are amazing.

We are free.

We are able to choose to pull over and sit on the side of the road until all traffic passes and we start our car and we drive to the nearest gas station because we waited.

We are only open to the events and experiences that we allow, because we are free.

Today I want to suggest that you invite the miraculous into your life. I want to suggest that you ask for and allow miracles and moments of pure joy.  I want you to forgive everyone you meet or know or think about indescriminately (yes, the ex-spouse needs forgiveness.  Yes, your brother and sister that didn’t invite you somewhere needs forgiveness.  Yes, your parents, Yes your boss, Yes your co-worker… )

Just for today. forgive everyone for every slight, every perceived misdeed and everything.  You have that kind of power.  most of all forgive yourself.  Ask the universe to prove that it’s listening and that you’re learning this very strong spiritual lesson and ask the universe to provide you with relief and a sign that it knows you.  I knows what you need. FORGIVE YOURSELF.  Forgive yourself for not having the money to pay for college for your kids, for not having the skills to get a job to live in a better place, forgive yourself for loving someone that abused you, forgive yourself for any self harm. Forgive indiscriminately and that includes you.

You are so amazing.

Just for today. Live like god.  Forgive.


Love and Light.

Birdie B



(as always psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only and never replace the advice of licensed and trained professionals such as doctors and lawyers)

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