What Makes You Happy

During a recent psychic reading for a client it came to light that he has a great deal of energy invested in blocking his highest self.  Strange right?  I mean, if you’re like him and everyone else I’ve ever known we have this idea of what we want.  This fuzzy kind of idea that there is more, that there should be more or something should be different.  And, we take action and make progress, then for some reason… we stop.  We lose ground, and eventually find ourselves right back where we started.

He (like we) had this vague idea of happiness in the form of … a great job, a loving soul mate, sprinkled with lovely and easy to maintain home and neighborhood.

I know for most of you reading this blog post… getting a psychic reading is a luxury.  I mean, I know that I can help you understand what’s blocking your success and freedom to experience more… but you’re focused on getting by… focused on paying the bills, finding true love, losing weight, working and living paycheck to paycheck.  I know that because I’ve been there.  AND that’s exactly where my client was last night when we had our session.

I could see he was beating the drum of lack and fear… hammering that out into the universe…  with only the slight vague notion of what he wanted… what would feed his soul… affluence, ease and freedom.  The universe doesn’t judge good or bad, it just is.  If you want more of something in your life, then you must change your momentum.

In his reading yesterday… and in my heart for you today (even if you never call or schedule a reading with me) I want you to know this one thing….   You are a beautiful soul designed for a purpose. You were born for great things to live big life… but you have been trained by the world to be small.

If you are not feeling happy, fulfilled and at peace living a life of ease, then you are not in alignment with your highest self.  I am not saying, take it easy, sit on the couch watching netflix and eat chips… I am saying that when you are actively enjoying your soul purpose the hours slip away.

You know what I mean, don’t you.  You remember a time in your life when you looked up at the clock and 4 hours had passed.  You think, “Wow, where did the time go?”

Imagine your work like that.

Imagine your life like that… each moment so enjoyed that the you don’t consider the time spent as work.

This… is an inside job. This life, this expansive freedom requires that you pay attention. 

Sometimes it takes someone like me (objective and tuned in) to help you recognize your next step… because you literally can NOT take your second and third step without taking the first.

I encourage you to expand your awareness of what makes you happy, and turn that vague notion of some future outcome into a very specific laser focused visualization.  And… I’m here to help, if you need me.

My client?  Together we discovered that he was afraid. He allowed only a certain amount of success in his life, before he sabotaged that success.  We also discovered that his success was directly proportional to his vision. Remember the vague vision he had?  We talked about creating a more and very specific laser focused vision, that would allow him to recognize and know when he was reaching goals and when it was time to set new goals.  You see, we are always evolving. There is never a point when you are “done” … evolving.  You are always interacting and renewing and learning and moving…

My goal for you today is that you recognize how your vague and fuzzy idea of your success and happiness is creating …. vague and fuzzy success.

You are powerful. You are strong.  You deserve Happiness.

Let me know… if I can help.

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