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What if you’re asking the wrong question?

As a psychic tarot reader I relay the messages I get from source energy to my clients.  Sometimes those messages are like being pushed forward into a scene, and sometimes it’s more subtle like a gentle whispered word in the back of my ear. Those messages don’t come from me and as much as I’d like to tell people exactly what they want to hear, I am very mindful that literally… anyone can do that.  So, people come to me for truthful genuine authentic answers.

The funny thing about answers is…. Sometimes when we don’t like the answers we get, we keep asking the same question… thinking the answer will change.

I was recently checking in on my current journey and very excited about my new physical location in Morristown NJ and the coaching sessions I offered for Law of Attraction and Manifestation.  Funnily enough my coaching and manifestation business was only limping along.  I was sure that I was directed to be there… I could feel the “rightness” of the situation.

However, I felt some resistance when it came to the coaching I offered. I knew it was valuable and in demand, but if felt a little out of whack to me.  It wasn’t quite right.

I decided to use my pendulum and ask a few questions.

I asked, “Am I meant to coach people for a living?”  and the answer was NO.

I thought, “what the F**k!”… I can’t believe this, I asked the same exact question again, holding my hand very steady, the pendulum clearly moved in the “NO” direction.


I asked, “Am I meant to mentor people for a living?” and the answer was NO.

I asked it again, trying to get a different answer, because this is what I think I want to do.  Feeling a little panic, I heard my thought again in my head and felt the push towards the word “think”.  I was trying to “think” about my solution… not allowing my soul purpose to surface or even to attract it…

The key here is …”think”.

And that moment of clarity showed me my problem. I was thinking … the solution.  The conscious mind is great for finding problems and settings goals, but it sucks at coming up with solutions.  That is unless you want to keep getting what you’re getting. Your conscious mind will set you on the same path over and over again, because it’s familiar and familiar is safe.  It may not be what you want, but it’s safe.

It’s your inner guidance that shows you your soul purpose, and it’s up to you to ask for that information and up to you for pay attention and look around for the answers.  Allow the universe to place people, circumstances and events in your path to bring you towards what you’re meant to do!

I also asked, “Am I meant to give psychic readings for a living?” and the pendulum was dead still… unmoving.

I changed psychic readings to tarot readings for a living… still dead still… I changed tarot readings to channeled readings for a living… and the pendulum started moving YES! WILDLY.

Interesting. Channeled Readings.  This is a big moment for me… that answer gives me chills and makes me feel great! It feels like a new beginning.  It feels like something has opened up.

It is a Eureka moment.

What if you’re asking the wrong question?

We all have stories we tell ourselves about what’s possible.  I had been telling myself that I would travel the country running events and webinars helping women leverage the Law of Attraction and allow more of what they want into their life… AND I thought I’d be doing that through coaching.

I honestly thought I was called to coaching because it was the only way I could think of to accomplish this “thing” I felt was my soul purpose.

I’ll tell you the truth.  Last year in my journal I asked if I was meant to coach. The answer was “NO”.  I asked the same question differently, “Am I meant to help people” and the answer was “YES”, so I convinced myself since “coaching” was the only solution I could think of… that it must be what I’m meant to do.

I truly believed that my journey was all culminating in this business where I help people experience more.  I love tarot readings and energy readings and I thought that putting that together with my Law of Attraction training I was a powerhouse for coaching and mentorship.

And now that I have a different answer… now that I changed my question… I feel the truth of the answer.

The other answers I told myself sounded true because I wanted them to be true, and I believed them, but this FEELS right. This feels correct.

My point is, if you don’t like the answer, don’t keep asking the same question until you get the answer you want. Allow the universe to let you ask a different question… and a different answer.

Change the question… the answer may surprise you.

Now I’m off to find someone to help me learn to channel source energy and we’ll see what happens next!

Have an amazing day!




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  1. Excellent post. My proverb: “The question you pose determines the form in which answer will be given.” Well done.

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