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Have you ever wished you could connect with a psychic reader on a weekly basis… but don’t know where to find one?  Well… I’m happy to introduce my Weekly Emailed Reading Service.

AND the best part is you can get started today FREE…

Because I know trust and genuine psychic ability with channeled spirit connects is important to you, AND because I know if we’re meant to work together we will, I’m offering this subscription service with first week FREE.

Imagine, receiving your detailed “The Week Ahead” reading every Monday, or checking your inbox and having all of your questions answered.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, this isn’t a computer software, this is ME… literally connecting and preparing your reading directly.

Here’s how it works.

You subscribe for a weekly reading for only $20.00 a week….

AND, you will receive a weekly detailed reading directly from me.

YES!  You will be able to reply and ask questions for clarify or more!

and the best part!  YOU GET THE FIRST WEEK FREE... if you aren’t completely satisfied, you can cancel before the subscription starts to charge you. 

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Note: While psychic readings are used by millions of people around the world as a self counseling tool, purchase of this weekly subscriptions means that you have read our terms & conditions.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are the readings so inexpensive?

A: I have priced these readings to make them as affordable as possible so that I can help as many people as possible.  I don’t believe “giving away” readings generates the abundance energy for either parties and by asking such a small fee I am activating the Law of Attraction for both myself and the receiver of the readings.   Also, since this is an email reading, I can do them when I am prepared to meditate and really connect for each person.  I charge more for my “in-person” or skype readings because they require a specific time set aside.

Q: What qualifies you to do the reading?

A: Among other things, I am a certified professional coach, NLP Practitioner and for you today right now, an intuitive lightworker.  My psychic abilities lean towards connecting with the energy of written and spoken words and psychometry. I provide each question the space to be answered through non-physical means and am guided in my written reply.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription after my free trial?

A: Yes, of course I’ll be sad to see you go, but I understand that our relationship is about connecting.  If you don’t feel that connection or maybe aren’t ready for the message you can absolutely cancel your subscription.  This subscription will be processed through paypal, so you will be able to cancel directly through your access to your paypal account.

Q: Can I respond to your email and ask another questions? 

A: Yes, absolutely.  I’m a real person, not a computer generated auto-responder.  I understand that sometimes you may want clarity or maybe your emailed reading has sparked another question. Feel free to send it over.  I’ll incorporate that question in the next reading and depending on your subscription that will be either the following week or the following day.

Do you have a question about this service?  Email me at 

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