Imagine waking up each week with a personal tarot reading explaining to you about the week ahead or maybe helping you understand some inner turmoil.  And the best part, each reading is only $10.00!  What’s the catch?  Well, I’m only accepting 2 readings a day.  That means, only 14 clients will be able to step into this offer (at least for the first 4 weeks)

It’s easy.

STEP ONE: Click Calendar Below to pick your day

STEP TWO: Select an available time Slot

STEP THREE: Pay via Paypal

And receive your weekly readings!

There are (2) slots open per day for this intuitive tarot reading delivered directly to you one morning each week for 4 weeks.

Only 2 clients per day because of the required energy clearing and meditation to prepare and provide your personalized genuine accurate tarot reading.

Whether you feel like there is something more and need to know where to look or perhaps you’re already on your path but feel like you’ve reached a road block or impasse.  These readings are designed to connect and provide you with insight and answers.

My connection to the non-physical is a focused intuitive healing connection that has proven to heal and provide answers.

Book (4) Consecutive Week Readings for only $10.00 per reading

Please read the following disclaimer:

As always, while tarot reading is used by millions of people over the world as a self counseling tool, or readings are not designed to replace legal or medical advice.  You are encouraged to seek professional assistance, help and advice in all areas where that is required.  And so, in requesting a reading you are agreeing to our terms and conditions  and we agree to treat your email with the respect we would treat our own (as found her in our privacy agreement)

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