what if this is all a dream

Waking Up

What if this is all a dream.  Like don Miguel Ruiz suggests in his book The Four Agreements?  What if it’s really true.

The answer is simple.  It is true.  And, once you recognize your personal power you are able to choose.

This idea, this concept is so unoriginal it can be found in such things as movies, books, motivational speeches and … here… when I read cards for clients.

The challenge for most people is the concept of responsibility.  We have been taught and yes comforted by the fact that it “isn’t our fault”. From the very beginning we learned how to judge others and ourselves against them.  Instead of understanding our own personal alignment.

Our entire lives have been influenced by the idea that there is always someone to blame.  That judgement needs to be rendered so that we can go on with our lives believing in our goodness because we are “not to blame”.  But that’s not quite right, is it.  Because of that tradition of judgement and blame, people who are overweight feel like they have to defend themselves… people who aren’t gorgeous feel less then beautiful… people who aren’t millionaires feel less valuable and people who were told they were worthless feel unworthy.

Judgement is a story we tell ourselves.

Now. You’ve read this post… you’re free to choose.

Prior to reading it, you could have said that you didn’t know. You were just doing what you were programmed to do.

What if… your programming is really a computer virus.  What if you were meant to be happy, and forgive yourself and others, and not judge your worth based on what you think someone else is thinking.  In essence… what if you were meant to be free?

What if you were meant to love your job because it pays you every week and as a result you have a home and food…. instead of hating your job.

What if you were meant to get along with your sister, neighbor, co-worker… instead of always arguing and trying to be right?

What if you were meant to be … happy, instead of miserable and always feeling like you don’t have enough of whatever you think other people have that you don’t?

Judgement is a story we tell ourselves.

Now that you’ve read this post… you’re free to tell yourself any story you want.

Like I said. Free.

People that want to argue will say… “I’m not free, I still have to go to work”

“OK” I say, “Why?”

“Because I have to pay the bills, and feed my kids” they reply

Me: “Ok. There’s joy in providing right?  There’s joy is having your children and taking care of them.  There’s joy in having a home. There’s joy in going on vacation or visiting your relatives. There’s joy and freedom in using the money that you earn to provide… so what’s the problem?”

“Well, I don’t like my job” they continue

I have to shake my head. “Don’t you see, that’s the story you’re telling yourself.  You’re concentrating on what you don’t like about what you do and it is filling your day with evidence of that… but what if you concentrate on your results, the things you LOVE about your job… like the fact that you get paid…”

HEY. I know it’s not that simple.  We all have years and years of programming about what’s expected, what we want, who we are to other people.

I’m just saying.

Now you know.

Now you can choose.

Now you can wake up and start your path towards learning… Who you are to you.



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