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Understanding Your Intuition

“Hindsight is 20/20” is a famous saying mostly used by individuals who believe they have missed out on something or mis-stepped through an opportunity.

But… the universe doesn’t work that way.

The moment you experience something, you start to weave a story around that experience.  Some stories are unconscious while others conscious are efforts to soothe frustration, anger or lack. This story then becomes history, rewritten and each time it’s told or “gone over” is is re-experienced and made solid.

Intuition lives in the present moment.  It is that still quiet voice, that unconscious push to do or think or reaction to something as it occurs.  It is above conscious thought and most easily accessed when in quiet stillness.  Which is why most people are unable to hear their inner guidance above the static and constant barrage of noise and energy from all that is around them.  From the electronics to the air conditioners, other people and the loud hammer of their own current story about what’s possible.

If you want to hear your intuition, then you must start to pay attention.

Pay attention to silly things like, that need to go and check if you left the stove on…  That may be your intuition telling you… that there is something in the house that you want to remember to take with you.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a push to go check the oven… and it turned out that I’d left my lunch on the counter.  You see, that urgent message is my intuition saying, “there’s something inside you forgot” and now, when I have that feeling I don’t think, “Well, I’d better go check the oven” I think… Well, I’d better go inside and have a look around to see what I forgot.  And. There is always something.

Pay attention to the important things like, the urge to go online and check your bank account.   Many times I’ve had that urge and I’ve quelled it only to find out that there was a huge error in a charge or something had gone through that I hadn’t counted on… or a renewal was processed that I thought I’d cancelled.

Your mind will most likely frame the push from your intuition in terms that make sense to you.  In my case, it chooses legitimate but every day mundane tasks.  I have learned by NOT listening that I should listen.  I have learned that the message I’m receiving has a purpose that will be revealed and that the message itself is up for interpretation.

Go check if you left the oven on… means: go back in the house you forgot something.

Learn the language of your intuition and experience clarity, power and abundance.


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