The Power of Your Vision

Today I pulled a single card: Vision Board from the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards and I thought… everyone knows the value of the vision board, and when I set out to write this post and share this reading, it changed. Everything changed and here’s what I learned.

Everyone needs a vision board, not just to get crystal clear on what they want to attract into their lives, but … even more importantly to provide the evidence of their power to create it.

Most people are familiar with John Assaraf’s story in The Secret, where he details how he’s unpacking boxes after his family moved into their new home and his son pulls out an old Vision Board,law of attraction manifest and there on the board is the exact house that they moved into.  Not a house that looks like it, but the actual exact house.  So, 5 years after he cut a picture out of magazine and he puts it on his vision board, he moves into that exact house.

That’s great right!  AND… the lesson here is that without that vision board, he may not have ever remembered his powerful manifestation. He may not have ever realized that he literally asked for, believed in and allowed the universe to provide exactly what he wanted.

We’re human.  We forget.  5 years is a long time to remember a house… but you think you can remember.  You think you can meditate and have a clear picture and you’ll always believe in your ability to create what you want through your intention.

It’s just not true.  You will forget.

A similar thing happened to me.  I spent several weeks intentionally manifesting a new minivan.  I visualized it parked in my driveway, I remember standing at my front door, looking out as I called to the kids that I was leaving for work… I remember visualizing driving it (even as I was actually behind the wheel of my much older and constantly failing minivan)  I remember spending about 2 weeks really setting that intention and then letting it go.  Moving on to other things.

6 months later… (6 months in the life of a single parent of three kids is a long time! ha ha ha ha ha) I was looking out my front door, at just the right angle and I remembered.

I remembered because of the overwhelming sense of deja vu.  You see…  about a month earlier I purchased a brand new minivan.  The exact color, and make and model… and it was there parked in my driveway exactly as I envisioned it.

Standing there, I couldn’t believe that I had ever forgotten all the time I spent manifesting that vehicle, but I did.

Standing there, I couldn’t believe that I had walked out that door and driven that vehicle so many times since buying it and hadn’t remembered my intentional manifestation.

Some may say, I hadn’t really manifested it… but that’s not true. And I know I did.  My credit was terrible and I still got a car loan. I had no downpayment and they gave me a great price for my 11 year old ford windstar… everything fell into place.  That is the universe.

The value of a vision board is in helping to provide evidence of our powerful ability to create.

It reminds us to be grateful and thankful for the things that we have, and the things that are to come.



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