The Powerful Gift

The Power of the Gift

Everyone loves to receive gifts.  Everyone.  And, for the most part we agree that giving a gift feels great too! 

Many people in our world view a gift like a prize.  Their joy in giving isn’t in the act of giving or the idea of giving or the feeling of giving… but rather their joy is derived from their perception of how the gift is received.  We love to see the face of the child as they unwrap their gift, or receive the expression of thanks from a co-worker or friend whom you’ve helped. In fact, we expect it.  We judge it and it must match or exceed our perceived value of the gift.  But… then it’s not really a gift right?  I mean, it’s more like a payment for services rendered.

Does that makes sense? 

How many times have you given a gift and felt terrible because the person didn’t like it?  Or the person didn’t take care of it or cherish it like you thought they should. 

Some people don’t contribute to charity for that reason.  They don’t like how the charity may use their money… maybe they don’t like that only a percentage of their money goes towards those they want to help… while the rest goes to administrative fees and advertising, so instead of donating and having some of the gift help some people, they do nothing and help no one. 

Once you give a gift… it is no longer yours.   

Our world would have us tether our gifts and hold on to them like a kite.  And like a kite, the string can sometimes go so fast that we get rope burn or sometimes the gift will float gently in our view for years.  BUT those aren’t really gifts … then… are they?   They are more like… payments? 

A gift like that is like says, “HERE, Take this thing… now behave a certain way so that we may watch you enjoy this thing” 

Definitely not a gift.

A Gift has no strings attached.  A true gift is released and set free when it is given.  

In Napoleon Hill’s  Master Key Program  one of the most important steps in manifesting the life of your dreams is giving.  Deepak Chopra calls this one of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: The Law of Giving and Receiving.  You see, the gift that is set free joins the flow of the universe and makes it easier for you to attract more of what you want. 

This isn’t a give and take exchange… this is a giving and receiving exchange. 

There are many gifts that cost nothing: A smile, A silent prayer, forgiveness.

A gift does not need to be judged a gift by anyone else but you, your intention to give is enough.  Be the light.

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