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The difference between a Habit and a Ritual

Someone who isn’t tuned into the vibration or emotional value of words could say that a habit and a ritual are so similar as to be interchangeable.   In fact, Webster says as habit is a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior” and oxford dictionary describes ritual as “A series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone.”  Sort of the same.

The difference is our emotional attachment, our attention, intention and in the end our energetic vibration.  You see, we all have habits.  Whether they are physical habits like; getting up, putting on a pot of coffee and letting the dog out into the garden every single morning (ok, that is me).  Or habits of thinking, like “I wish I didn’t have to go to work today” or  “I don’t want to get up and go to work“.  The problem with habits and your vibrational level is that they are things that happen without really thinking.  It’s like falling down the rabbit hole.  One thing leads to another in a chain reaction.  Before you know it… these unintentional thoughts have started a negative emotion, which them prompts actions or in-actions… that garners those results.

Habits are thoughtless activities.  They are automatic.  They are initially started in your experience as a simply way to achieve an outcome.

Most habits feed our chemical pleasure centers and that’s why many habits involve, eating, sex and drugs.

My habit of drinking coffee (a lot) was a replacement habit for smoking cigarettes.  Which was a coping habit for feeling awkward in public.

The problem with habits (both physical and emotional) is that we very rarely review them to see if we need them anymore.  Back when I was a kid, smoking was a great conversation starter: “Got a light?” or “Can you spare a smoke?” It allowed people to connect and start a non threatening conversation.  As I grew into myself and learned my value and worth, I no longer needed those tools to feel part of the human community… but it took me 20 years to re-evaluate that habit, and change.

Rituals feel different.   Rituals feel more intended, they are still actions with a goal, they are definitely performed to achieve an outcome, but they aren’t so automatic.  In fact, I use rituals to help lessen the grip on habits in my life.  I have a ritual of gratitude.  It’s a simple ritual and could even be referred to as a prayer… it’s all the same.  I have decided to be thankful for all things.  And it has changed everything.  This ritual of gratitude has brought more happiness, love and abundance into my life than I can measure.

In the last four years I have been able to do more things for my kids then I would have been able to imagine. We’ve taken vacations, they’ve gone to expensive summer camps, I have a house, cars, everything. (The only thing I can’t seem to manifest is someone to cut the grass and clean the gutters, but I’m working on it)

And my gratitude ritual is simple.

I take time, every day, throughout the day… and revel in the wonderful things about where I am at the moment, who I’m with and what I have.

This has completely changed my perspective about all aspects of my day.  I can’t explain it people, because it’s an inside job.  I can only say, it’s life changing.

The best way to explain the change in my life is like this:  Imagine you are a fish… swimming around in a tiny glass fishbowl.  Imagine that your humans never cleaned it, and as you swam it became murkier and murkier… and then one day….  not only did they clean the bowl, but they filled the world with water so you could see, feel, experience, everything.  And they did that just for you.

Too Weird?

Reading Tarot is another ritual that I enjoy.  Yes, it’s a thing I do, but it’s also a way for me to tap into different perspectives.  It’s a way for me to hear information and guidance in a way that feeds my soul and higher self, this ritual… and the rituals surrounding my time reading, elevate my vibration and that resonates throughout my day.  That’s why I do most of my email readings in the morning because the energy and connection to source is so high and powerful, it feels great!

Yes, it feels like the world is full and available just for me!

Also, when I recognize a habit or thinking or action, I try to infuse it with the ritual of intention.   I’m not sure the Ritual of Intention is a thing, or if I made it up, but it’s very real for me and it works GREAT!  I used the Ritual of Intention to lose 30 pounds when I found I had a habit of lazy eating… and I used the Ritual of Intention to finish writing a course for Udemy, and writing a book on Amazon.  It is as simple (and as hard) as it sounds.

The Ritual of Intention: You create a simple “I am” or “I will” statement and say it each day… like, “Today I will write for 30 minutes” … then, of course, you must get up, set the timer and write.   or “Today I am going to call shared office space to get prices” and then, of course, you must get up, find some phone numbers and make the calls.

The point is, if your habits of writing are… not regular, or not at all… this simple ritual of intention will put them into action, and if you have a habit of thinking about opening your own healing service but aren’t moving forward because you think the office space will be too expensive… but have never actually called to check it out… This simple ritual will get you moving.

I know I’m rambling. It’s just.  I feel like someone needs this right now.  I feel like if you’re reading this… and you’ve read the whole thing… you are here for a reason. AND I hope I helped.


Love and light





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