The Art of Letting Go – The Death Card

This afternoon I was inspired by another psychic healer to do a reading for myself about my business asking the universe, what do I need to know.  It was a simple reading, only 3 cards (near past, present and near future) and it was so revealing I almost felt naked.  Literally open and exposed.  It felt like I had a secret that I had been hiding and protecting for so long that was so easily revealed it made me think that everyone must know… and I didn’t just feel naked… I felt … ashamed.   I felt like hiding.

My Cards:

Death – Near Pastrider waite death card

This card called me out.  It called out the things that I was hanging onto, literally allowing to drag me down.  It called out the way of thinking that was pulling me down, like the figure laying on the ground begging to be trampled on or the woman just kneeling in the path of death completely ignoring the inevitable I wasn’t even like the king trying to bribe his way out, I felt the truth of it, I was either just laying there letting it happen or kneeling in the path averting my eyes.

This is a spiritual lesson for me.  This is actually a recurring lesson.

I’m not going to share the lesson with you… I just want you to know that I get it now.  It’s NOT ABOUT THE MONEY.  The universe has been placing people, circumstances and opportunities in my path for the last 20 years and I kept refusing this lesson. Literally REFUSING it.  Choosing instead to believe what I wanted, to think what I wanted to ignore the life lessons over and over again.

This card today. I get it. I need to be more like that child… filled with wonder. Really paying attention… Yeah, the child is in the path, but with eyes wide open willing to see, willing to learn.  Willing to understand.

page of swordsPage of Swords – Present

This card beat me up too.  The universe knows me so well.  This card is really pleasant and nice and shows that at the present moment I am full of ideas. Literally dancing with creativity, my head in the clouds as I think… and then I can do this and I can do this and I can do this… AND this card encourages all that but reminds me that I need to plan.  I need to set the time and effort aside to work out how to implement one, two or any of the great ideas.

I need to write down all of the ideas and ask for guidance and LISTEN to which ones and in which order I should move forward to complete.  This card reminds me that while the ideas and creativity abound… they are also very easily stifled as I listen to my inner voice … the “voice of reason”  tell me that it won’t work, that no one will be interested, that it’s too unusual or event bizarre.

The swords are about thinking and while I am rife with creativity I also tend to over think.

This card. It is saying, “SEE THIS… THIS IS WHAT YOU DO”

The Death card shared with me the spiritual journey that I keep repeating and I’m finally getting … that no matter how many time I refuse that lesson the universe is going to bring it back to me until I LEARN IT.  Well, now I’m listening and while the universe has my attention, they are also showing me that I am creative outside of the box thinker and it’s ok… It would be even better if I spent a little more time planning.


7 of Cups – Near Futurerider waite 7 of cups

I was so shocked to get this card and I think that this card of all of the cards was so revealing to me that I really made me sit back and evaluate EVERYTHING.  This card literally shows me that in my near future I am going to have to make choices and that I will need to choose wisely.  It shows me that there will be so many options that there will probably also be confusion and I will be unsure about my path and then maybe even second guess how I got where I am… and how to move forward.

This card is actually my M.O.  The Page of Swords is me… every time and it always leads me to this outcome… the 7 of Cups.  I don’t mean that I always get these cards but I mean that I always experience this cycle. Great ideas, tons of great ideas… I do a little bit of everything to get the ball rolling, then suddenly I have too many balls up in the area and I can’t juggle them all so I have to choose which ones to get going… and then… well… it doesn’t always work out… WHY.

Because of the death card.

Yeah, it goes back to the Death card, the spiritual lesson of the only card in this reading from the major arcana. My lesson is… it’s not about the money.  I need to just let go of that for good and follow my heart.  Listen to my heart and my intuition.

Tarot reading is the only thing that I do FOR ME.  My other jobs and businesses are all about supporting my family but this, this fills my heart and soothes my soul.  Reading for someone and providing them with clarity and helping them find answers or maybe fine tune their questions, really is … for me.  And I can tell by this reading that I need to let go of the other things that I’m doing and really concentrate on what powers my soul.   Because in EVERY CASE when I’ve stopped listening to my heart and started pay more attention to my head… I end up in this cycle.  The page of swords, and the 7 of cups.

OH MY GOD I want to break out of this cycle and now that I see it.  Now that it’s out, revealed… I can.

Thank you for allowing me to share this life transforming reading.

Please let me know if you’d like a 3 card reading.

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