The Art of Being Whole


Were you a Egyptian worker or Medieval shop keeper.  Did you work on farms in the 20’s or Wall Street in the 50’s.  Were you a powerful psychic that hid your powers or a witch hunted and constantly on the move.  A gypsy, a business man, a mother of 8, the wife of a sailor… the possibilities are literally endless.

The idea of Genetic Memory seems to be scientifically new, and I think we all know it by another name. Reincarnation. 

Science explains it as follows:

“Genetic memory, simply put, is complex abilities and actual sophisticated knowledge inherited along with other more typical and commonly accepted physical and behavioral characteristics. In savants the music, art or mathematical “chip” comes factory installed.”

This is an excerpt from an interesting article posted on The Scientific American Blog, where the author of Islands of Genius: The Bountiful Mind of the Autistic, Acquired, and Sudden Savant explains the science behind genetic memory and provides numerous examples of individuals “knowing” what they couldn’t possibly know.

As is true many times in our lives, we are saying the same thing… with different words.

At the heart of all things is energy

I’m not a genetic scientist, nor a physicist, or medical doctor.  Having said that I have read enough papers to see that many of the intelligent and well learned people in these areas will all agree at the very beginning level of everything… is energy.  Unseen.  Unheard. Unmeasured… and yet… existent.

Our intellectual lives are compartmentalized so that we don’t get confused or overwhelmed and that’s how our science functions too.  The medical doctors have their specialties and see problems and solutions in terms of what they know… same too with every other scientist, technician and researcher.  So, only a small fraction of the scientific community even thinks in terms of the heart center of all being… energy and vibration.

It doesn’t make their research or solutions wrong… but, it may make them incomplete.

Genetic Memory

Genetic Memory sounds very science-y.  Very test tube, white lab coats and spreadsheets… And I have to ask. What is DNA before it is the spiraled microscopic helix?  What is the deeper structure, getting further and further inside.  A quantum physicist would say: energy.  The genetic scientists are not involved in that dissection, they are interested in the particles and connections of “real” things.  They do great work at learning how different pieces fit together.  And the idea that there is a “memory” in DNA, feels like the first step in pulling apart the fabric of the physical and stepping into the non-physical energetic possibilities.

Past Lives?

It seems scientifically possible then to prove the presence of past lives.  That piece of energy that existed from the beginning and has come back time and time again to live it’s physical form.

Is that even possible.  Does it mix?  Does it mingle with other energy and join together in physical form, like an energetic cocktail from the beginning?

All great questions right?

How to test the right answer for you.

In all things, and always, your alignment to the truth for you is the best test of what’s best for your highest self in your present moment or on your current journey.  This blog post has personally taken me down a rabbit hole that I’ll be thinking about for most of the day.  Maybe I’ll come to different conclusions or ideas or even perhaps a new level of understanding.  For me personally, it’s about asking the question: “HOW?” and allowing the answer to unfold.

Right now, I’m complete in understanding that my own personal discovery of a long line of psychic abilities is finally culminating in this physical moment in time.  I love that the journey was long, and that I spent year in denial and took the most extremely circuitous route to this outcome.  Like I’ve said before… when you feel like you’re pushing at a door… and it just won’t open…. try pushing.

Hugs, love and light




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