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Chakra Flow Readings

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Chakra Flow Readings
Chakra Flow Readings
Chakra Health and Aura Readings and Energetic Healing

Chakra health is really important for your emotional and physical well-being. If you are feeling “off” and you aren’t sure what the cause is a chakra reading and healing can really benefit you by shifting your energetic body back in to alignment.

When getting your Chakras and Aura read through me I give you detailed information that will help you understand where the core issues are and help you heal yourself. Readings are done remotely, at a time convenient to you, and you will always have the content to refer back to, which is awesome because there is a lot of it!

I read from your energy:

– Your shield (Some info on how I see you handling challenging situations with others, usually how you present your vulnerability and with whom)

– Your 7 main chakras, located down the middle of your energy body. I give you a detailed description of how each chakra is working, which always relates to how you cope with different aspects of your life. If a chakra is out of balance or not being used to the full potential I can tell you what needs to be done to bring it back in to alignment

– I do a quick reading on your aura, this is for a bit of fun

– I always do a screening of your etheric cords to see how your relationships are affecting you and if you need to cut ties with anyone/thing to help you heal

– And I Iook in to who your spirit guides are, I can tell you if your soul is strongly connected to any realms

– I also channel any messages that spirit wants to give you in terms of healing.

If you have specific questions I can look in to them for you also.

Once we have done the reading you will know exactly where you stand energetically and how to bring yourself back in to alignment. If you want to “quick start” the healing process we can book in a healing session for you afterwards. In my healing sessions I usually teach you how to ground and shield your energy, then I work on clearing your blocked chakras, strengthening chakras that are not working at their potential and cutting any etheric cords (relationship cords).

The reason I do my readings and healing separately is because I give a lot of information that needs to be digested and understood. I’ve found that taking time to familiarize yourself with what is happening for you ends up giving you a much stronger healing experience.

All of my services are donation based via PayPal, to keep the energy exchange equal. You pay me what you feel it was worth once we have done the reading ❤ My clients always tell me that Spirit guides them with the amount.

If that sounds good to you, then I would love to work with you 🙂 You can get in touch via my Facebook Page or Email

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