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Good Morning Beautiful Souls,  This morning I feel like a free 1 card reading of your choice is called for and I’ve pulled from my lovely Gilded Tarot.  You’ll see below 4 cards, each numbered.  You’ll also probably notice that one (or more) of the cards in particular are pulling you.  Go with your intuition. Select the card that speaks to you immediately and comment below with the number card.

reveal your tarot reading The wonderful thing about The Tarot is that while there are life lessons that need to be learned and mastered to fulfil your karmic contract, there are also smaller more wonderful moments in each day where you choose.

Knowing does not change many things, but it allows you the opportunity for a mindful evaluation.

You are always analyzing whether it is consciously or unconsciously. Allowing yourself the freedom to choose, means taking your mind off auto-pilot and deciding on your outcome.  Deciding on how you are going to frame your outcome in the story you tell yourself about your possibilities.

I say story, because it is a tale.  It is your perception that drives your action (or inaction).

Many times we are too fragile to take responsibility, and that’s ok.  It’s a journey not a race.  You are amazing and divinely created and directed.

Choose your card (or cards) and comment below.

We’ll post the reveal in a few hours.







Thank you all for your overwhelming response!  Here is the revealed reading

The Reading Revealed#1) The Star –

This card is a Major Arcana which means that this is a life lesson or karmic contract card. The message it contains is one that will recur time and time again until you’ve made the transformation the card announces.  The Star is always a wonderful card filled with hope, balance, ideas and fulfillment.  This card is about perception.  The star is the spark of all things and you can see that the figure in the card holds the life affirming water and in fact is surrounding and sitting in water, with lush life around her. The star on her forehead mimics the beauty and brilliance of the star in the sky.  My feeling is about healing for the message here.  Healing relationship, not necessarily a romantic relationship but a relationship none the less.  In order to accept the healing you must first forgive… and it starts with forgiving yourself. You are not who you were 5 years ago, 5 weeks ago, 5 minutes ago. You are new each moment you decide a different path and this card encourages you to the judgement that is blocking your forward momentum.  Accept the lesson you have learned without blame or despair, take ownership and allow the healing to begin. You are not expected to go from 0 to 10 immediately, you are just encouraged to start the journey towards healing. You are a miracle.

#2) Justice –

Another Major Arcana, this card most obviously speaks towards the balance of judgement and our tendency as humans to judge. For you today, the most important part of this card are the steps to the and past the scale. You’ll notice that they are spaced apart, and when you choose to walk towards justice you have a tendency to focus on the steps.  Watching where you’re going too closely has caused you to pass the balanced scales. While you’re nearer to the barer of the scales, that person is blindfolded and can neither see you or help you.  Judgement is not the same as justice.  Close your eyes and breathe.  You are so wonderfully talented and creative. Your focus is the product of something that was taught, but this card is speaking to you about something that you are on the verge of learning.  This lesson will appear over and over, until you have grasped it.  The universe is patient.  Ask yourself to pay attention to the message that is in front of you but that you keep passing without seeing.

#3) Eight of Pentacles –

Thankfully you are moving away from this card that at first glance would appear to be filled with gold and the lush color green, but upon further inspection you see the spider webs around the place.  And the young person in the card is clearly fixated on what is in their hands and not experiencing the joy of abundance or noticing the lovely surroundings and gorgeous purple sky.  There is a blockage here towards success and I feel financial success that is finally clearing. You have heard the small and gentle whispers of your intuition and you’re on a different path now. You’ve taken 1 step. You’re moving away from the blockage that is holding you back, and stepping forward.  You will doubt yourself, and perhaps “go back to the drawing board” once or twice more and because this is a minor arcana, we know this is your choice. This isn’t a karmic lesson, but a life lesson.  The great news is that you are already learning the power of choice.  I feel good things for you in the not too distant future.  Seek them.  Revel in them.  Allow them.

#4) Six of Swords – 

You are not alone.  You have positioned yourself to appear that way, but you are surrounded and divinely protected.  You choose to continue forward into the unknown or to return to the comfort and familiarity of the known.  This is about your relationship. You are stronger than you think and more intuitive then you give yourself credit for.  The frog isn’t in the boat with you, is it.  You are carefully polling through the healing and gentle blue water, surrounded by the protective custody of the swords while the frog looks on.  Your challenge is allowing the relationship. Your challenge is trusting anyone to get past your protective barrier as you go through your process of healing.  You are amazing, and wonderfully capable or taking care of yourself.  In order to invite another on your ship, you need to reframe and get clear on exactly what you want.  You were sold the fairy tale, kiss a frog it turns into a prince(ss) and the truth is more like you’d like to find that soulmate rather than try to make one out of a reptile.  Do not ever dim your wonderful creative glow for anyone.  Love yourself, the way that you want to be loved and you will attract exactly the right person to share your space.  Love comes in many different ways.  Enjoy your multifaceted life.

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