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Saturday Morning Channeled Reading for all who would receive it.

This channeled reading is brought to you with love and light and through the practice of automatic writing.

If you are reading this, then you are meant to have this message.  There are millions of people who will never be brought to this words, you are special. You are divinely directed and protected.  The following are the channeled words that would brought forward this morning during my meditation.

You are meant for love

When you wake in the morning you start a story about your day. The story generally leaves off from a previous chapter.  Sometimes that chapter is from yesterday, sometimes it’s from the previous week, month, year or decade ago. It’s a story you tell yourself about what’s possible.

What if every day were a new day, what if every day you woke confident in your ability to provide… love and to be loved and each day you woke with not knowing where it would come from.  What if each day you sat up and are immediately thankful for all that you could see, feel, hear and touch.  And then leaving your bedroom you walked through your home and were thankful for those things.  … and noticing new things for which to be thankful.

Release your resistance and to what feels like a need to make it harder and more difficult. This is so easy.  It is as easy as letting go of a piece of paper… it is as easy as opening a door.

Release that powerful urge to fall back into the story you have been telling yourself and live a new story.  A story where you are looking for evidence that proves things are going your way, that you are abundant joy filled and wonderfully and divinely guided.

Imagine how this day will play out.

Imagine how differently everything will look to you, from the traffic on the way to work to your co-workers in the office.  Imagine your children and their messy rooms being filled with love and abundance and swirling vortex of creativity.   Imagine your ability to see the Law of Attraction as it pulls clouds of what you’re looking for towards you and shaping your perspective.

Ask the universe for more of what you want and look for the evidence.

You are an artist painting a beautiful scene and as you reach for your paint brush and paints they are all available as if by magic.  And as you put your paint to canvas your talent is miraculously apparent as you create with sweeping strokes your ideal and heart centered life.  Imagine the canvas is the size of a door. Huge with lovely inviting swirling colors and energy.

Now imagine the canvas is a door and you are able to step through the beautiful world you painted.

Pay attention to the things that are the same as your current world and love them and cherish them.

Pay attention to the things that are slightly different and notice that they have been there all along, and notice them with fresh eyes.  Notice your awareness of them has changed and broadened. You haven’t noticed them because you awareness was on other things, release that old awareness and celebrate your new abundant way of looking around.  Gather those things into your awareness that allow your feelings of contentedness, wholeness, value, worthiness, abundance.

Now, take a deep breath and pay attention to the  new things in your world. The situations, circumstances and things that you painted that are very different.

Look at them for a moment and allow them into your life. See their truth.  Accept that they are yours and you deserve those things and that they exist for you right now.  Allow them into your experience.

Notice as you think those things how they become ordinary and yet… remain exceptional. Notice how they are available and maybe… Yes! as you look around, you recognize that these “new” things were there the whole time.  You understand now that it is your awareness and attention on other things that pushed these “new” things aside.  Now that you have released the clutter of your old story you have the room to invite these wonderful opportunities and possibilities into your life.

Smile in knowing that you are the artist of your masterpiece of a life and you are painting the picture of what’s available to you, and it’s up to you to allow these things into your life through your attention and awareness.

You are divinely protected and loved.


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