reveal for 6-29-2018 for Free Tarot Reading Enchanted Map Oracle Cards

Reveal for Enchanted Map Oracle Card Reading 6-29-2018

Good Morning Beautiful Souls,

It has come to my attention that not everyone is able to access the revealed reading after the initial post of the hidden cards. You have selected a card that pulled you… now you have the meanings.  I’ve decided to post the readings separately  ( You can read the original post here. )so that you may receive the message in the easiest possible manner. Thank you for all of your kind words and I hope these messages find you today, in the best possible moments of pure positive energy.

Card one:  One Ring Circus & Dumortierite Crystal

As you stand in your physical shoes you wonder how you got where you are.  You look around and feel like you are constantly pushing at doors trying to find the one that will open… the problem is, that the doors need to be opened towards you, so pushing isn’t going to work.  Step back. Allow your positive energy to regroup, release your need to control the “how” of your access and allow the “what” of it to come through to you.  Ask the deeper question now, and be patient as you wait for the reply.  What you think you want is just the surface satisfaction… what your soul KNOWS you want goes deeper and the universe has it… is holding it… is waiting for you to recognize your path.  You are not alone, you are guided and loved.  Allow guidance.

Card two: Stuck in the Mud & Aventurine Crystal

Be still. Stop Struggling for a moment. Take a deep breath. You are listening to your lower self, the ego, the monkey mind… the bit of you that wants to just keep plodding away and staying within the status quo.  Your higher self, is there waiting for the opportunity to speak, for you to listen.  Not just hear, but listen to the truth in the message about where you are… and where you want to go.  You are surrounded by people stuck, whether you know it or not. Those around you, that encourage you on this path that feels … out of alignment some how… they are also stuck. They, like you, believe the messages and static that surround you, drowning out your soul purpose.  You have everything you need within you to win, succeed, move forward. Be still for a moment and listen.  It’s in the quiet question’s posed to your soul, that you will find direction. You are amazingly talented and will thrive with like minded people who are willing to mentor and teach.  Find a mentor. Learn.

Card Three: Details, Details (Reversed) Labradorite Crystal

You have come to this place in your journey and it’s time to make a decision.  A path is before you that is new and unknown and a bit scary. Not monster scary, but scary because it’s contrary to what you have always thought you knew about the direction of your life.  Big changes lack the comfort of the familiar, they lack the camaraderie of people in the same boat. You feel in your heart and soul that this change is best for you, but you tell yourself you don’t want to leave anyone behind.  You want to save them too… to pull them off the sinking ship.  You must understand two things, that we can not save other people, You can only show them a path, but it’s up to them to take it.  And, sometimes that feeling of wanting to save people and bring them with us, is also for us… so we won’t be lonely as we experience the new exciting chapter in our life.  You are a lightworker.  Shine your light and you will be found by those you are meant to serve.



reveal for 6-29-2018 for Free Tarot Reading Enchanted Map Oracle Cards

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