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Psychic Pathway – Hearing the Voice of Your Soul

psychic pathway hearing the voice of your soul

Dear Beautiful Souls,

The voice of your soul exists.  It exists in that quiet nudge to look up just in time to see the spectacular colors of the morning sunrise, or the push to look again at the ground and find the $100 dollar bill.  It is the moment of second guessing that urges you to go back into the house for something and the feeling that there is more, that you were meant to do more, or experience more… more freedom, adventure, love and prosperity.

Most people are so out of alignment with their soul purpose they can’t imagine how anything so subtle could have such life changing effects, while others know but need the encouragement of like minded people to help them recognize that they aren’t imagining it…

I’m pleased to offer a Masterclass

When: June 30, 2018 2:00pm

Where: via a Zoom meeting.

Limited seats available.

The cost is $35.00 each and you can attend via smart phone, tablet or computer.


This is the Psychic Pathway – Hearing the Voice of Your Soul workshop. 

Registration is required here:


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