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New Tarot Reading Business Directory

My Crazy Idea to Create a Psychic Directory

Have you ever thought… there’s more you’re meant to do?  Well… Crazy as it sounds I had a dream last night about starting a Tarot Reading Directory.   My dream showed me creating a business directory and showing it to the connections I’ve made on social media and offering to let them join free.

It started with Tarot readers, (because I have a special place in my heart for us) and then expended to energy healers, psychic mediums and more.

But it couldn’t just be anybody…. it can only be those heart centered individuals that are called to serve others with their gifts.

How this directory is different

First. It’s new, so it’s free. Signing up for the directory now, gets you in as a founding member.  ALWAYS FREE.

Second. There’s a strict code of ethics… so scammers, schemers and get rich quick artists… need not apply

Finally. Me. I’m different.  I’m not a corporation… I want to help.  I want to help you reach as many of the people that you are meant to serve as possible!

Why this directory is IMPORTANT

Have you ever paid for a reading from someone and it felt… wrong.   Not just incorrect, I’m talking about … against your alignment… Hmmm… not that either… OK, I’ll say it. It felt like a scam.

We’ve heard of the scammers and schemers and if one has never crossed your path, count yourself lucky.  I have been lucky in my life…  I’ve only paid for about 10 readings in my time on this earth, and I have encountered 2 scam artists.  I left their sanctuary feeling… yucky and used.

My spiritual path was originally jump started by the wonderful psychic medium Dorothy at Soul’s Inspiration in Morristown New Jersey.  Our connection was immediate and her no nonsense tone and method of channeling her spirit guides held the lessons I needed at the time and allowed me to understand what was possible.

Several years later, the second most powerful reading I received was by Valentine Defrancis and she confirmed what Dorothy had provided years earlier.  And as I looked at my path to Valentine I saw that I was allowing fear to paralyze my forward momentum and as a result I was basically standing still.  All of my forward movement, was followed by doubt and backtracking, then more forward movement, then more doubt and backtracking.

My challenges with self doubt are not unusual, they are not exclusive to my journey.  There are a hundred different ways that we second guess and doubt our ability to encourage, heal and provide insight to other people.  Nothing is stronger than our indoctrination into our world and the comments and discouragement of well meaning adults.

The fact is:  We have a gift and we are meant to share it.  Too often we undervalue those things that come easy to us.  Much too often.

Say this, “I am valuable.” and step into your worthiness like an outfit of protection.  You are hear for a reason.

This directory is meant to help you.

The Scammers

I have had readings from a few scammers.  It’s sad.  And it set me back.  It made me doubt myself and my abilities because they seemed more successful than me… they seemed to know what they were doing and because it was the opposite of me… I thought I was wrong.

I believe that it’s one thing to offer several types of services and it’s another to “upsell” a service in a way that leads the client to believe they need it to be healed properly. 

My experience:
I was told I had to pay $150.00 in order to have a black cloud aura removed.
I was told I had to pay $350.00 for special crystals & prayers that was the only way to open my 3rd eye chakra and activate my powerful psychic insight

I was disappointed.  It wasn’t the upsell’s that sucked, it was the fact that in both cases I was told they were the only ones that could perform these functions and without having them done, I was doomed.  (seriously, they said doomed)

Those scammy readings made me feel like there was a “sucker” sticker placed where my third eye should have been.

Back to My Dream

In my dreamland psychic directory, where I created a psychic and Tarot Reading directory comprised of heart centered and powerful readers, we worked together to keep our the riffraff.  We helped each other by posting events and jobs and we adhere’d to the strict code of ethics that all Psychics, Readers and Healers much abide by which at the very heart is simply: Do No Harm.

So, this morning.  I did that.

This is a work in progress.

I’d like to invite you to join this directory for FREE. 

Click here.

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