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Good Morning Beautiful Souls,

How should I put this?  This is an offer. The universe is calling for you to connect to see a different path.  That feeling you have in your gut or pit of your stomach is your inner guidance nudging you gently to choose more love and light in your life and less of what the world around you would have you choose.  It’s hard, I know it’s hard. Especially today with the constant barrage of images and power emotional sounds and colors all designed to connect to our physical though processes and to bury our true self.

You are so magical and powerful and cherished.

Today I am told to make an offer to 4 special people.

This is a private automatic writing offer, and I can only help 4 people at this time. My guides are clear.  I can only make this offer available to 4 people.

I am offering a weekly reading via email.  You see, I perform my readings in the early hours of the morning when my connect to spirit is clear. AND because these are emails you’ll be able to reply to me and ask questions or look for clarity.  This is one of my gifts.  I connect through my guides with automatic writing. I hear messages, see images and feel answers that are then translated into words.

  • Heal your past to step forward in your present

  • Understand your resistance to abundance and affluence and open your financial prospects

  • Learn to recognize the spiritual lessons the universe places in your path time and time again so that you can move forward

  • Heal your relationship with yourself and with your loved ones

  • Receive answers to your questions

  • Connect with your own inner guidance

  • Hear messages from your guides through my guides

You are so powerfully unique and I am so excited to meet you.

This is exciting for me, because I don’t know exactly which 4 individuals are called to this offer, it’s thrilling to be so clear about what I can offer you that will bring you closer to where you want to be in joy, happiness, money and love.

To make sure that you are one of the chosen and that we truly connect, I am offering the first week free.

That means, if you are drawn to this message and you want to make sure this is the right path for you, you can subscribe and you won’t be charged for the first reading on the first week.

Yes, beautiful one, I will do a full reading for you and it will be delivered via email.  Additionally, I will let you know in that email if you are one of the 4 I am instructed to help through this program.  Of course you can cancel at any time and if you cancel before the second week, you will not be charged.

Are you ready to hear messages from the universe?

Subscribe here.


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