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Law of Attraction Soul Reading for July 16th

Good Morning Beautiful Souls,  this morning I am directed to provide a Law of Attraction Reading, and if you are reading this, then there is something here for you.  You aren’t here by accident or on a whim, you are meant to read this. So whether this activates something in your life immediately or simply plants a seed that lays dormant waiting for the proper combination of sunlight and nutrition and love, this message is for you.

Allow yourself to take a deep breath and and release the worry about your finances for a moment.  Just take a deep breath for the moment and allow your obligations to exist without the worry.  The bills exist, the dues exist, the credit card debt exists, the car payment, mortgage, school debt exists.  Allow yourself to feel their existence without worry.  Allow your energy to be lifted and spin on a higher plain as you recognize that you have been feeding a low energetic cycle with your negative emotional attachment to your financial situation.

As you release worry, imagine taking a step back, outside of yourself, so that you can see yourself in front of you.  Feel your spirit lift slightly as you are released even more from worry and you are able to see yourself objectively. You see the worry swirling around you and also recognize that it is not helping you meet your financial obligations, in fact as you watch yourself objectively, you see that the worry may actually be prompting the emotional reactions that lead to poor choices.  Maybe these poor choices are spending habits that make you feel good in the short term, but then ultimately lead to more debt, more worry, more bad choices, more debt, more worry… and as you stand there detached.  You see this objectively.

You see how your feel about your situation, you see your emotional reaction to your situation, causes a habit of action on your part.  And that action is what is bringing you your current results.

Take a deep breath.

Now, while you are able to see yourself in front of you, and as you are feeling better as you are detached from the worry, allow yourself to look up and around.  Perhaps, you take another step back a little further out of worry, as you look around.

Imagine as you look more objectively at yourself, you see how your worried self is focused so narrowly on lack. Lack of money, Lack of freedom, lack.

While the more objective you is looking around at abundance. The more objective you can see farther, can see an abundance horizon filled with opportunities and possibilities.  See yourself taking action steps as the path becomes more clear.  See yourself moving towards more abundance and taking the action needed to allow the abundance into your life.

Imagine the objective you seeing ideas and having wonderful thoughts of relief just outside of the worried you field of vision.

Notice how the worried self is so narrowly focused, almost like all it can see are it’s empty hands… while the objective you is a more free. Looking up and around, noticing ways to save money and thinking of ways to allow more of everything into life.  Notice how motivated the objective you is towards taking action and stepping out of the life of lack.

Take out a pen and paper and write ideas.  Just not ideas about making money, but ideas for saving money.  Write about making payment plans, finding coupons, allowing discounts, and allowing the universe to provide the answers.  Allow this high vibration room in your heart and mind right now.  Allow yourself the bask in the glow of being provided for when you ask for something in a way that allows it to come to you without judgement or precognition.

And when you are ready, and when you are able to see a light and feel the higher vibration solidly in your life, hold out your hand and invite your worried self to step out of that low spinning disk of energy and up the few steps to the higher vibration of the more objective you.   Hug yourself as you join back into the same person now vibrating on a higher level.  And allow yourself to look around with fresh eyes, newly prepared to allow abundance into your life from any direction and in any way.  Pay attention to the universe and it will deliver you on your path, and it’s up to you to take action.

OH MY beautiful one, you are so gifted and talented and you are divinely directed. Allow the impossible into your life by changing the words to the story that you tell yourself about what’s possible.

Love and Light.


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