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Is that the Universe Talking To Me?

I’m 53 years old.  I remember being 27 (best year of my life), I remember being 13 (saddest year of my life) and I remember snippets of all the rest, like movie reels in between.  I didn’t understand how the Universe worked until relatively recently, and my whole live I have been treading water following inner guidance then back peddling onto the ledge of normal.  Jumping back into the wild pool of what’s possible, then frantically swimming back to “normal”.

Right now, I’ve let go of second guessing my past decisions and I’m able to understand that it’s all part of the lesson. Everything that has happened to me, through me and around me has brought me here, to this present moment.  Any change in what was… would have changed what is.

I don’t look at the 10 years as wasted time… just part of my education.  The education that has sometimes cost a lot of money, and sometimes cost me friendships.  In retrospect I can see how my idea’s of what’s possible have been completely transformed over the last 20 years.  I can remember specific conversations with people that I rejected as whimsy or nonsense only to have that seed planted and years later grow deeper roots.

In my education I have learned five things that have consistently been true.  They are specific and tangible and very very hard to hold onto.

#1) The world around you wants you to believe that you aren’t enough.

Everything from where you live, what you wear, who you speak to, what you do for fun, what you expect out of life is manufactured by well meaning adults loved ones, adults, teachers, the media, the government.   Over the last 30 years, I have seen history re-written to be more politically correct, or harsher and realistic.  Over the last 30 years I have seen a culture of adult entitlement stir the pot of unrest and an attitude of deserving prevail.  Over the last 10 years I have discovered that all of these things are “outside” circumstances and situations… and that happiness, fulfillment and joy and love and abundance and prosperity are all inside jobs.   Regardless of what the newspaper or vlogger or youtube start says: I am enough.  I am pretty enough. I am talented enough. I am successful enough.

Sure I day dream of retiring on a beach house… waking up and walking down to the deck to write and read… and see clients and performing readings…  That’s a future me, not one that sucks out the positive of today, but a goal or aspiration or visualization that I keep positively generating in my heart center.  Right now, right this moment… I can feel the calmness of the ocean, smell the brackish air of the ocean mist and allow that calm abundance feeling to prevail.  That is the Universe.  That is the universe talking to me, encouraging me to pay attention to moments that feel like that… and I will find that place.

Wishful thinking is what the world tells you those moments are.  Wishful thinking is a way to put a negative spin on the most positive alignment. Sometimes it’s called “being realistic” but in all cases where someone says, “They are just being realistic” what they mean is, unless you can tell me “how” this will be accomplished I can’t get on board.  What a sad life to always have to know HOW something turns out and to never noticed the opportunities and possibilities that the Universe will put in your path… when you release your attachment to knowing “How” and start to ask the universe to show you “How.”

#2) We are all divinely guided and protected.

There are non-physical entities who’s soul purpose is to protect and guide us, and all we have to do is listen.  Whether you call them angels, guides, spirit or other… we choose whether to pay attention or ignore.  The universe is made up of energy and vibration, mostly unseen or heard but it exists.  Sometimes it’s difficult to hear the whispers of these guides over the static and buzz of the world and the indoctrination we’ve all received into what we think we want and who we think we are.  We are taught from a very small age to stay small and quiet and remain unseen or heard, but we were born to be big and bring a message and most importantly to serve other people… we were born to help.

True there are low level spirits that would speak to us under the guise of good intentions and it’s up to us to understand that true guidance will always alignment with our higher self.  If there is doubt ask yourself, “How do I feel about this?”  or  “How does this project feel to me?”  You emotional feeling about an idea or project is a good measure of alignment.   Look at the situation or circumstance objectively and think, “If anything were possible and I were to accomplish this task as it is set forth, how would I feel about that?”  Sometimes adding “If anything were possible” helps to remove the fear of the unknown which is a common human reaction towards a task or situation that has the potential to create great change in our lives.

Your guides are fully aware of your hidden gifts and talents and want nothing more than to help you recognize them, bring them forward in your life and use them to help others.  You are here for a reason.  It’s up to you to find it.

#3) Getting paid for spiritual work is important

The truth is, it’s hard to be the light of the world when you can’t pay your electric bill.  Your gift is valuable and there are many people that you are meant to serve.  However, you are not just your gift, you are a father or mother, sister or neighbor, friend, co-worker and more.  Your life is as multi-faceted as a diamond and in order for you to shine as bright as you can, you need to charge for your services.  When people ask for free coaching or healing or readings… they aren’t saying they can’t afford you, they are saying… you aren’t valuable.  In fact, they are specifically saying that you aren’t as valuable as their cell phone (which they can afford) or their internet access (which they can afford) or even the Starbucks coffee in their hand (which they can afford).  What’s worse, that message of value is now part of the story you tell yourself… about yourself.

There is plenty of time for charity work.  Build your business and when you have regular income, then give back.  Then offer charity help for those that truly can’t afford your assistance.  You are valuable. You are worthy.  The dream of your spiritual business and calling is the universe, pay attention for opportunities.

#4) The Law of Attraction it is always working until the day you leave the physical

In the world view of consumerism we’re taught from a very young age that “we must have…” things.  We work until we can pay for them and once we have them, we work until we can get the next thing.  Whether it’s a house or weight loss, we are always and forever emotionally and energetically molded by the world around us.  Our biology seems scientifically setup to want to enjoy pleasure, in food, in relationships, in adventure and things.  And therefore when we think about the things that we want, we often think about them in terms of … not having.

It’s been my experience that we all live in cycles.  Picture it like a room.  Normally we’re floating somewhere in the middle of the room… not too high, not too low… sort of just getting by.  Then we visualize something that is fantastic and it sparks ideas and motivation and we notice we are surrounded by opportunities and possibilities.  We start to climb higher until we hit the ceiling. We love it there.  We love it so much…. that we stop doing everything that we were doing that got us there.   Slowly, without us noticing, we sink down a bit… then a bit more… with our heads tilted up… still enjoying the view that we see of the ceiling, we may even slip all the way to the ground.

Suddenly we realize we have hit the bottom, and we are engaged again, we review how we got to the top, we take steps and make plans and start to noticed opportunities and options and we start to pay attention….

The trick. The skill we need to develop.  Is to understand that we will always do that.  We will also reach a goal and feel … done… but really not be done.  Instead, we need to push the ceiling up a tiny bit each time we reach it… and pull the floor up with us.  So that when we sink a bit… even if we sink a bit more  and then all the way, the floor catches us higher, closer to our highest self and potential.

Finally, #5) Everyone needs a coach, adviser or mentor

I’m 53 now and I have experienced the most fantastic moments of joy and abundance as well as struggle and pain.  It’s all part of the project of my life.  I know a lot of stuff.  And I know that there are a lot of things that I don’t know… but it’s the stuff that I don’t know, that I don’t know, that only an outside objective coach, mentor or adviser can highlight.  The best more affluent psychics, and motivational speakers all have coaches.  Actually, they teams of coaches.  People that are very good at different aspects of helping.  Remember we are all multi-faceted.  I have 2 coaches right now, I have a Psychic Mentor, who is helping me learn to effectively organize live group reading events.

In the old days, we would be apprentice, as an apprentice you learn a trade of activity in a way that will allow you to bring it to the world and teach others.  Now we have coaches and mentors.  These people are able to introduce you to different language or phrases or connections and systems or processes that will help you share your talent in a more prosperous way.

The fact is spiritual bosses are always working against the preconceived notions hammered into the world by movies, media and some organized religions.  Having a coach, especially one successful in an area where you lack success is a great way to create power, confidence and prosperity.

Is that the universe talking to me?

The universe and your guides would only suggest something that is for your highest good.  That’s why whenever I am presented with an opportunity (especially one that costs a little more money than I find comfortable)  I give it a 3 day waiting period.  In the cases where it was truly a message and I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity I find that I am usually able to easily afford the fees or I’ve been able to find someone to help split the cost.  For me, the test of whether it’s the universe or my own human ego-tistical pleasure seeking mind… is How does this help me, help others.

I’m a bit of a computer geek.  Most of my financial waste has been jumping on the bandwagon of the latest greatest thing… only to find that in the end, it’s like anything else.  There are no short cuts.  You must provide trustworthy value and people will come to buy your services.  There are no shiny bells or whistles required for genuine heart centered psychic coaching or consulting.

Yesterday the universe CLEARLY spoke to me when it told me to start a Spiritual Business Directory on this site.

I hear it loud and clear.  I did it without spending money and contacted the handful of quality psychics and coaches that I knew.  Over time, I expect this directory to be a great and heart centered place for people to connect with psychics, readers and healers from across the world.  Right now.  I’ve done what I was asked.  I created it.  I shared it. I am happy.

I am enough.







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