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How You Are Refusing To Attract Your Soulmate or twin flame

Are you refusing to attract your soulmate or twin flame?

You are if you are constantly working on trying to attract him or her.  I’m going to tell you a secret.  There is no amount of “work” on your story, attitude or spiritual leanings that can attract your soulmate into your life faster, then letting go.  That’s right, let go.

You know it…. and yet, you can’t stop yourself from wanting that person in your life, now.  Right this second.  You are impatient and you read more books, and you go to psychic mediums and you listen to meditation… You have done all of the visualization work, you have practiced how it will feel, look, smell and taste to be with the person you’re meant to be with… and yet, you are alone.

There is the biggest lie you’ve ever told yourself.  You are not alone.

BUT every time you look around and you don’t see your soulmate standing next to you, you vibrate at that level.  Every time you lament your situation and ask God and the Universe “Why” you can’t find someone … You vibrate at that level.   It’s like you’ve closed your eyes to make a wish, then peeked out to see if the wish has come true yet.  Stop doing that.

Your story about what you want, and when you want it… is your story.  You have molded and shaped this story in an effort to dictate to the universe exactly what and when you want to manifest your hearts desire. And, then you look around and you shift your perspective from that object of your desire to the lack of having that object and you ask, “how can I manifest my soulmate”.

The answer is, you are literally refusing to manifest your soulmate.

In other words, you need to let go of what you want and send it off into the universe and then get on with your life.

I know, I know, that sounds counter intuitive.  It’s the exact opposite of what the world around you is encouraging.  The world around you is encouraging you to fix your hair color… lose weight… wear make up… new sneakers… jewelry… get a better job… drive a different car… go out to bars… join a church… all in an effort to attract someone… who may turn out to be your soulmate.

The universe has already answered your request. Your soulmate already exists for you now.  You don’t need to find him or her, you don’t need to find him or her, you need to ALLOW him or her into your life.

If you don’t believe me that letting go is required… then I have one question for you.  “How is all of that other stuff working for you so far?”

Just let it go.

Your answer can not be found at the level of the problem.  Your attempts to manifest your twin flame or soul mate are you at the level of lack.  In order to understand and hear the universe and follow and allow the answers… you need to be at the level of the solution. You can’t get there from where you are unless you let go of your firm grip on what you want.

When you place an order through amazon, you don’t go back to Amazon and order it every single day, sometimes 2 times a day?

NO!  You place the order once, you know it’s coming.

That’s how the universe works.  Place your order and expect it to arrive… while you’re waiting, let go of your attention to “NOT HAVING IT” and start looking around for the opportunities and possibilities the universe puts in your path.

Because, unlike Amazon (who always delivers to your doorstep) your path to your soulmate … may look like a trip to the grocery store, or library or Parent / Teacher Conference.

Let go of your story… and allow.

BTW: Always give.  Give something every day. Whether it’s a kind word, action, donation or service.  Always give.




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