Energetically Clearing Office Space

How to Energetically Clear Your Work Space

Understanding the energy that lingers in places

Humans emit energy.  Some of us broadcast like hurricanes completely covering everything in our path, while others are more like tornadoes a whirling dervish with a very concentrated center.  Few people leave a trace of their energetic footprint and nearly all of us can pick up on the human energy that is left in places especially offices and workplaces.

Most offices and workplaces have a significant amount of human energetic residue because we go there every day, we sit in the same desk every day… and most importantly we all feel a certain way about our work.

In the world today, most people have negative thoughts about the value of their work, or the hours of their work, or their co-workers or the stress of deadlines and more.

Have you ever noticed how you may be in a great mood and then when you reach the office there is a shift?  Sometimes it’s subtle, and sometimes it’s distinct.

Maybe you even blame yourself and believe that it is your own inner turmoil that is causing the dis-satisfaction.

I’m suggesting that it isn’t that simple.  Instead, I want to suggest that perhaps that feeling of dis-satisfaction or melancholy or gloom isn’t you at all, but the residual effect of someone elses energy that is out of alignment with your own.

Clearing energy especially energy that isn’t serving your higher purpose will work wonders on your attitude.

Your Attitude and Your Energy

It has long been agreed that the story of your life is told to you as historical fact through your thought processes, and not researches believe that our unique interpretation is first initiated by our emotions.  That is to say that you FEEL something which causes you to THINK something.  Those THOUGHTS cause you to take ACTION or INACTION… which brings you to your current results.

This is the long held tradition of the Law of Attraction.  Where because of your awareness of what’s possible, you either take steps towards or away from possibilities.  The idea that thoughts are things is real in that it is with thoughts we explain opportunities to ourselves, and now it’s important to understand that your thoughts are often driven by how you feel.  AND your feelings may be a reaction to the energy around you.

Imagine being in alignment with your soul.  Imagine that feeling of energetic alignment.  You would feel FREE.  There is freedom for joy, abundance, prosperity.  There is a feeling of limitlessness.

If that is now how you feel when you walk into your office, then I suggest it’s time to clear out some negative residual energy and get your space aligned with your soul.

Understanding Residual Emotion

Now that you understand the power of emotion it’s important to understand how they attach to the present moment even if they are connected with the future.  Fear of future events is a very real and powerful story that many people tell themselves.  Fear of loss, Fear of misfortune, Fear for someone else.  Telling ourselves a future story is a powerful way to attract that story as well as generate that energetic vibration.  Remember our emotions cause us to think… which cause us to take action / inaction… which bring us results.  In the present moment, very few of us live in actual fear.  But I’m lying, aren’t I?  We all live in fear of something.  We tell ourselves this story about it until it becomes huge.  Like the fear of the tiny spider, that we are too scare to go near… when you think about it… we are the size of a planet compared to that spider.  Or.. the fear of a dentist.  Or.. the fear of opening mail because it’s another bill you can’t pay.  Or… the fear of going to the Doctor because you don’t want what you know in your heart to be true.

Fear is one of the easiest ways to lay out energetic residue and the easiest to understand, but sometimes the hardest to “see”.  Because we have habits of fear.  We have emotional loops that we play over and over that create this energetic story of fear (as discussed above). Imagine you playing a DVD on “replay” and that’s how we live some of out emotions and thoughts.  Constantly replaying and re-visioning.  This is why so many mentors and speakers suggest meditation to switch the feedback loops off, and pay attention to the stories that you’re telling yourself about possibilities and start a new story of fearlessness.

All that fear builds up a residue or energy.  Negative energy infects you and other people.  Clearing negative energy is important.

How to Energetically Clear Your Work Space

Step One:  Before stepping into your workspace protect yourself energetically by surrounding yourself with the white light of love and divine protection.  Fully ground yourself energetically with the earth and center your alignment with source.  This can be done through a 5 minute or 45 minute meditation.  You will know when you feel grounded. You will know when you feel the relief of alignment with your soul.  If you have questions about grounding and personal protection, please message me and I’ll help you. (email me here)

Step Two:  Before entering your workspace set the intention to allow any negative energy to be experienced and then released.  Imagine the negative or out of alignment energy to be words written on a piece of paper.  Imagine you pick up the paper and read the words (allow your intuition to provide that sense of knowing the words without necessarily creating actual words). Now, imagine letting go of those words, releasing the piece of paper and watching it caught by the wind and carried away.  You may imagine it floating it away or my favorite disintegrating.  I watch the paper decompose and go back into the earth.  Completely being absorbed.. allowed to exist but no longer concentrated in my space.

A note about allowing:  The reason we allow negative thoughts and emotions is because the act of resisting actually attracts more of the same. By allowing we are able to let it go.

Step Three: Take back the power of your space, while in your space.  You have allowed the negative energy and let it go, and now you sit at your desk protected.  Take a moment to visualize your bubble of protection as a white light completely surrounding you. Allow that bright light of protection to expand and encompass your work area.  Allow it to touch everything you touch.  Allow it to clean and clear everything from your staple remover to the pile of paperwork in your “to do” shelf.  I imagine my light a bright light like the center of the mid-day sun, and it has a flowing and thick quality to it.  With your area completely encircled in protection now imagine the energy of everyone else in your office flowing by your space taking tiny detours around your protective bubble.  Imagine as you get up to walk to the kitchen, you leave behind that protective bubble, and detach with your own personal bubble of protection intact.

Picture walking through your office with colorful waves of energy, some curling and flowing and others drifting up like smoke from a fire.  Imagine in all cases, you walking unmolested among the energy of others neither infected or affected by their general state.

Breath deep.


This exercise is a real way to clear energy.  Your intention and your energetic alignment is powerful for you.  You can’t clear someone elses energy for them, you can (by your example of positive energy) show them there are ways to energetically behave that are beneficial, but you can’t make someone else clear their energy.  That’s their journey.

Also, while this exercise relies heavily on your intuition, your awareness and your own energetic alignment, there are some “tools” that you can use to help clear energy such as salt and sage.  This tools aren’t introduced here, because in most workspace (unless you work for a new age company or a wellness or healing center) it is frowned upon to burn ANYTHING inside an office and Salt will be vacuumed up.  Also, your boss may ask why the surveillance cameras recorded you walking around the building with the salt shaker! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Let me know how this works for you and if you have any comments or question I’d love to hear them!



  1. Lots if great advice in this article! I felt myself relating to the situation as I read through your steps and ideas on how to energetically clear your workspace. In the past, the negaitive residual energy in certain workplaces have almost felt real to the point you could reach out and touch them. It was really hard to deal with that. Your process is simple, can be done quickly, and no doubt will work. I will be trying it today! Thanks for your insight and also thanks for sharing it here! Cheers and have a great day! K/R Dave : )

  2. Until very recently, although I wanted to believe in abundance etc etc positive thinking etc etc I thought that it was all mumbo jumbo. However, I had an experience which changed my way of thinking. Your post “How to energetically clear your work-space was enlightening to say the least. And, I am saving it for future reference, thanks


  3. I enjoyed your article. I can relate to everything you said here. I have practiced this for quite some time now and I sort of automatically go through these steps. It is nice to have them laid out before me, though, so I can go over them and equate them with what I have been practicing.

    This is a great article for someone who is just beginning to practice mindfulness or the Law of Attraction. In fact, I already have someone in mind who I plan to share your article with.



  4. I do agree 100% with what you are saying in your article.

    I am an Empath and as older I am getting, so it seems, I can’t be in places anymore where tons of people swirling around because I pick up their energies and can sense when a person, I just have passed, is ill, depressed or in a stage of anger etc.

    When I was an employee (a Nurse) and I didn’t know, back then, what I know now it was always a horrific, feeling down when leaving the workplace.

    This all changed when I was introduced to Reiki and learned first hand how to protect myself, to cleanse myself and most of all to cleanse the workplace. It made a huge difference in my work and personal life.

    When you are a person who is highly sensitive to energies and moods from other people you can do something about it and therefore, I like your article who is just doing that giving a person hope and the know-how to protect themselves.

    Sylvia 🙂

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