heal your shadow self with tarot readings

How Tarot Readings Help Heal Your Shadow

Whether you call it your Shadow Self or Spiritual Shadow or even your Unconscious / Subconscious this hidden personal presence is responsible for more decisions then most people give it credit.  This piece of yourself that you carry around and hide, may contain lessons that no longer serve you.  Certainly if you are like me … well out of High School… it’s time to recognize that some of the lessons I learned about myself, about what I thought I wanted… or even what I thought I was supposed to be, have or do… simply are not true.

We usually don’t talk about this hidden fears and notions because we’re afraid.  That’s why they are called the shadow.  They are so much a part of us, but we drag them along with us where everheal your shadow self with tarot readings we go, we simply don’t pull them out and talk about them or even really look them in the eye.

I’ve learned a lot about my true nature and soul purpose in my spiritual journey.  I learned it mostly in my path as a spiritual and energy healing and tarot card reader.

Even though… I resisted it.

That’s right. I hide my spiritual abilities and connection to the non-physical from everyone… including myself until quite recently.  And even now, I’m only slowly and carefully unpacking my shadow and sitting next to that hidden side of me and just kind of letting it all soak in.  And, my tarot deck has been instrumental in making sure I don’t back slide.  It keeps urging me forward with cards that tell me… “you’re not there yet” or “You’re not quite done with that yet”

In this world we are taught to hide anything about ourselves that may cause other people discomfort.

Just let that statement soak in for a minute.

We tell people not to be sad.

We tell people not to cry.

We tell people they should look a certain way.

We tell people they should behave a certain way.

I’m not saying I don’t encourage rules.  Rules mean that every morning I know how to drive my car, I know that red means stop, and green means go.  If we didn’t have rules and the first person on the road got to decide what side to drive on, it would be dangerous. So, of course, I’m all for the things in our life that are designed to keep us safe and healthy.  What I’m talking about is that internal conversation you have with yourself about who you are… and how much of that is molded by what you think other people think.  AND most importantly, how much of true nature you hide because you are trying to fit into a certain mold.

Get a tarot reading. Ask your reader… “What is important for me to know right now” and really listen for the spiritual lesson.  Think to yourself, “has this lesson been coming to me for a while and I’ve been ignoring it?”  and think about why you may be refusing the lesson.  In my experience we refuse the lessons of the universe when they don’t fit into the picture of “what we think we want.”

My shadow is so powerful, but has been hidden for so long, it’s scary to think about really embracing that part of who I am.  Not because it won’t bring me joy, but because it feels like it goes contrary to what other people expect.   That is scary. Really super scary.

Sometimes your shadow is about guilt.   Sometimes your shadow is about sadness.  Sometimes your shadow is about anger and blame.

It’s like walking around with a heavy suitcase.  You carry it with you for so long, you’ve forgotten what you packed.  It’s time to sit down and unpack it.   There is going to be stuff in there that no longer serves you.  Seriously, I was in High School in the 80’s… I don’t need any of those clothes or spray mouse anymore! HA HA HA HA  On step at a time. embrace who you are and let go of what you carry with you that no longer serves you.

Tarot readings help by letting you know that your guardian angel and spirit are there for you watching and willing to help.



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