Have you ever had bad psychich reading real tarot reading

Have you ever had a bad reading?

As a Psychic I can say that there are a lot of misconceptions about how connect to spirit guides and psychic “powers” work.  For the most part, my clients have been severely indoctrinated into either the “Ghost” movie type of connection where Demi Moore appears alive and well through Whoopie Goldberg, or the “Supernatural” type of “enemies among us” and spiritual hunters seek out and destroy demons and all kinds of scary monsters.

The truth is somewhere in between.  Here are the things that I can say for sure are true for me.

  1. There is no such thing a “Telling the Future”.   The future is fluid and constantly moving and being influenced by the billions of different energetic sources on our planet. From humans to pets… in short, it’s a moving target.  As a psychic, my job is to help my clients find relief through alignment with their higher self and best possible version of themselves. That energetic vibration ALWAYS attracts the pure positive potential of creating the best possible outcome.  The beauty of this is our ability to create the future we want, like stepping on a path and having the stones magically appear underfoot… the journey and experience and love and happiness and light and joy and freedom are the goal.  The future isn’t a stagnant place that we look at and try to achieve, it’s a motion picture of ideas and possibilities.  I help my clients step into the best possible version of their possibilities.  Each week when we talk I connect with their path and their guides and help them understand where they refused help from the universe and help them find clarity and focus.
  2. There are bad things out there.  That’s the truth, and whether you are a psychic, intuitive or someone that hires people like me to help… you should have some basic psychic self protection practices. Asking for protection and believing in that protection is enough.  And for some, that’s easier said than done.  We are a world that is powered by ego.  (for lack of a better term) Yes, Ego in the Freudian sense, in that it is the powerful “I” in your thoughts and statement that says, “I am reality” or “What I see exists, therefore only what I see exists” and it is this “realistic” view that limits your ability to embrace the impossible as possible… and therefore, most people refuse the protection of a higher power and accept the lower vibration of evil.  Their Ego tells them that there is nothing they can do, it is what it is. Or you aren’t strong enough, or smart enough…. It is this “reality speak” that is actually fake.  Did you know that over 80% of the millionaires in the United States are self made.  That means, first generation.  They didn’t believe that they were limited and they didn’t believe in the limited view of possibilities that sounded them, they asked for more, they believed in more and they received it.  They allowed it.  Protect yourself, against yourself, and don’t allow bad or negative energy to camp out in your life.  Ask for protection, believe you will receive it… and move on with your alignment towards your higher self.
  3. Some people don’t want to be helped.  When I first started reading and teaching and healing, I spent a lot of time trying to help people that really didn’t want my help.  I could see they needed it.  I could see that I could help. Literally see the images and pictures of how their live would be transformed if they allowed me to help.  In some cases, I offered free help, or really kind of pushed myself on them because I knew they needed it.  That doesn’t work.  It’s like being the parent of a teenage daughter, doesn’t matter what you say… they aren’t listening.  If they aren’t listening, they can’t hear you.  You can’t chase after people trying to help them.  All you can do is be a light.  Let them know, when they’re ready you are there to help.  And as painful as it is, simply do your best to be the light in the darkness.  I have coached and been a spiritual advisor for several people who say they want change in their lives and say they want to transform and experience more of what they want and at the end of the day, without action the words hold no power.  It’s like going to a doctor for a medical problem and he hands you the medicine and says, “take this every day and you’ll feel better in a month”.  To some a month is too long, so instead of taking a pill a day for a month… they do nothing.  You can’t help them.  You can remind them to take their pill, but does that help?  Don’t they just get mad that you are there “badgering” them to take a pill… that they “know” about but still refuse?  So, yeah. NOt everyone wants to be helped.
  4. Psychics are real.  We are powerfully tapped into the nonphysical and spiritual world and help our clients see more clearly.  We are all as different as our own DNA.  Some of us connect with loved ones that have passed over, while others have a distinct inner voice that speaks through our words, writings or cards.  This is a gift to be cherished and while it is a gift, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t valuable.  Paying for a psychic reading, coaching, teaching or mentoring is the best karmic device in your toolbox.  You see, by investing in the nonspiritual and providing the cash value evidence, you are setting in motion the positive and supportive alignment you need to be able to truly hear the message and lesson in the words… and you are giving back to the universe this investment into the future.  That’s one reason by psychics also see other psychics.

Have you ever had a bad reading?

A “bad reading” is a lesson.  Well, truth be told, everything is a lesson, it’s either a lesson in … what works… or what doesn’t.  A bad reading is a lesson in perspective and possibilities.  If you have received a bad reading, perhaps it was a reading where the psychic didn’t really tell you much, was very vague, and in the end upsold their service and told you that you needed to spend another $300.00 for crystals in order to have a special prayer to have your third eye chakra activated (yes, I had that reading).  As a psychic, I suppose you’d think I should have seen that coming.  In retrospect, I did.

The lesson I learned from that reading is that… there must be a lot of overhead to run a psychic reading business out of a store front… if you have to upsell your services.  AND I learned that providing honest insight and help, would have created a return customer in me… instead of making me feel like I had just wasted my time and money in that reading.

It was a business lesson for me.  As a psychic, I always wondered how other psychics make a living.  Now, I have a “real” psychic mentor and we share office space in Morristown NJ.  We provide genuine connection with spirit and enjoy a great reputation among our clients for our accuracy and pure positive spirit.

So, if you’ve ever had a “bad reading”, don’t allow your ego to review the it… seek your inner guidance and find the lesson in the reading. It’s there. There is a message. Perhaps it is… simple (like mine) Trust Your Path.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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