free tarot reading reading from 6-26-2018

Free Psychic Tarot Reading for Everyone on 6-26-2018

Good Morning Beautiful Souls

If you are drawn to this reading allow our intuition free reign to choose the card or cards that speak to you.  Be playful and have fun… treat this like a game.  I will reveal the cards later in this post along with a detailed meaning for each one.

As a side note, I feel compelled to remind you that you are a wonderful spiritual and vibrational being… if you are feeling anything less than joy you are out of alignment with your core… your soul… your center.  The voice of your soul is a subtle push in a particular direction, it’s a tiny urge to re-read something or check out something… listen. pay attention.  You are divinely protected.



free tarot reading reading from 6-26-2018

Drum Roll Please…..  The big Reveal!

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Card #1: The Empress with Iron Pyrite

The crystal pyrite is a stone of success, prosperity and wealth, additionally it deflects negative energy and acts as a shield of protection.  This combination is telling us that you are waiting for something biding your time, telling yourself … not yet… not yet… As a result when opportunities come into your path you have convinced yourself through your story that you aren’t ready… that you don’t have what you need… that you can’t… right… now.  Take a deep breath beloved one, you are are divinely protected and you must take the first step in order to take the second.  This does not mean to say that you are guaranteed no errors in judgement or mistakes, this means that you are destined for great wonderful things and you must allow yourself to experience the adventure in life.  Choose freedom and happiness.

Card #2: Ten of Pentacles with Dumortierite

The crystal dumortierite is the stone of patience and insight, it enhancing your willpower in regards to learning and the ten of pentacles shows you that the treasure chest is filled with stuff. overflowing with gifts, and you think perhaps they aren’t for you, or maybe what you are receiving isn’t what you want. The choice is yours, but we want you to know that it’s all about the journey anyway, it’s not about the stuff.  Your path to the stuff, doesn’t end the journey… NO!  Think about what’s ahead, you stop for a moment at any given time, and then you are moving forward again. This one goal, leads to the next and the next and the next… it’s important to stop and appreciate these moments, even the moments that aren’t exactly what you want right now… because you will be at the next moment soon enough.

Card #3: None of Pentacles with Flourite

The crystal flourite is also known as the crystal that houses rainbows. It helps restore balance and bring order to chaos which is amazing when it’s paired with the nine of pentacles.  You are watching as everything is falling into place for you, the puzzle pieces that were scattered and even the ones that are missing suddenly appear as if by magic and it’s working, everything is working. It’s time now to recognize it, and keep that momentum of forward movement and pay attention to how the universe is supplying the answers and you are just experiencing more and more of what you want.  Give that your attention.  Gratitute and Thankfulness in all areas of your life will keep this going.

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