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Do you connect to this Oracle Reading?

This reading is for whoever is attracting it.  Let me know if this connects with you.

Follow the Leader

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Listen!  Pay Attention.  You are so focused on the goal, and following in the footsteps of the people who has where you think you want to be, that you aren’t recognizing that person is where they are BECAUSE of the journey, not in spite of it.  You think when you reach the goal, you will be done and you will finally relax, but it’s not like that.  It never is… and it never was.  It is .. and has always been… about the journey.  Think about that for the moment and understand the truth in that in all aspects of your life.  Money, Time-Freedom, they are all tools to help create and manage your journey in a different way.  So, while we aren’t suggesting that you camp out here… we want to bring your attention to this moment and ask you to allow yourself the moment to understand you are here for a reason. Even if that reason is for you to use this moment to provide you with the clarity of what you don’t want.. this moment is important.  Be present.  Look around. Ask, how can I help?  There are plenty of people who are “where you were” and maybe, you can help them get to “where you are”.   You don’t need to get to the end of your journey to help, allow yourself to step into the role as leader.  There will always be people further on their journey than you… and those just starting.  Find your tribe.

Talisman – Reversed

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Questioning your path is not your problem… your problem is that you are pushing against the answers you are getting. The subtle whisper of the voice of your soul encouraging you and guiding can not compete with the boisterous message of the world and conformity.  Yes, that’s easier… but is it.  On the one hand, you will have lots to talk about when you sit with friends and family, but on the other, you will have this empty feeling in your heart center when you think about your soul purpose and hearts desire.  Unpack the story you tell yourself about what’s possible and start asking yourself questions like: “How do I feel about that?” and really check in.   You are more tuned in then you think… and when you take a step in the right direction you will immediately feel the positive vibration.  It will resonate and connect.  Start slow. Take one step.  Perhaps, read a book or listen to one on audible. Maybe do some google searches and watch some youtube videos. Sometime will grab your attention and lead you to your path.  Be sure to check in, often because each step has it’s own connection.

Come Together

#freepsychicreading, #freetarotreading, www.realtarotreading.com

Everything is possible.  Find your tribe.  Connect with like minded people.  Allow the universe to provide for you in unexpected and magical ways.  Release your attachment to your story about who you are to other people and relax into a new story about who you are for you.  This is easier than it sounds because you’ve been telling yourself this story for a long time.  Meditate and open your crown chakra to ground you and connect you with the powerful vibration of the earth and nature.  You are important. Treat yourself the way you want other people to treat you. Love yourself and your connections will grow, creatively and through mutual respect and love.  The Law of Attraction is always working in your life, allowing more of what you want into your awareness will provide you with the perspective of more and help you understand different options available.

Be Present. Pay Attention.

If this reading connects with you… please comment and let me know.

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