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Connecting with Your Spirit Guides and Guardians

Connection with Your Guides

The truth is… Your connection to your guides and guardians is as individual as you.  You may see bright lights, orbs, transparent beings, or hear voices, smell cinnamon and feel compelled to say or do something.  Another truth is… your spirit guides and guardians will never encourage you to say or do something that is not for your greater good.  So, before you head out to the local metaphysical shop and buy your ouija board, you should know that there are no additional tools required to connect with your true heart centered non-physical guides.


I know, you think, “Why do I need protection from my guides?” .. well you don’t.  And while I could write for hours about protection from the energy around you every day, I’ll try to remain focused on the topic at hand and explain… you need protection from any low level entities that may be hanging around wanting to pretend to be your friend.  There I said it, it’s a little scary right?  Good.  It isn’t exorcist scary, and there’s always a very simple test that any message that comes to you has to pass in order to know it’s from your guides.  Your guides will only ever help you understand what you need to know about a person, situation or circumstance.  For instance, you may feel the urge to take a different route to work and as a result see a magnificent sunrise which may help you step out of a funk you’ve been feeling.  While a low level entity will help you continue to hammer away at yourself concentrating on lack and poverty.

My suggestion is to wake every morning and be thankful for the lovely day ahead, then spend a little time surrounding yourself in the bright light God’s love and protection. (replace God with what ever word you hold for creator)  Feel that protection come from the hot lava at the center of the earth and surround you as it completely engulfs you inside the protective cocoon of love and light.

That protection is always there, calling it up and visualizing it just helps to keep your Ego and low level entities from getting in the way of the messages from your angels and spirit guides.  It serves as a reminder to your mind that there is something larger than yourself helping you.

Asking for the Connection

We do a lot of asking in our lives don’t we. I mean, we ask for help from other people, from God and even from our spirit guides. The trick is not in the asking but in the listening.

I recently learned this lesson… again.

It seems that on my spiritual path I keep refusing certain lessons.  They keep resurfacing in different ways, and it’s only when I get the lesson that it’s revealed to me how many times it’s been presented to me.

Man oh man, sometimes I feel like a slow learner.

My latest lesson was listening.

In order to listen, you have to stop talking!  In my case, that doesn’t just mean actually talking, but it means stop thinking.  I finally get it.  I have been told to let go of the things that aren’t working over and over again and yet… I keep stepping around the things I don’t want to let go.  Seriously, I have been nurturing a specific business for the last 15 years and it has never really gotten to where I thought it would go.  And yet, I keep piling the time and effort in.

Recently I learned. “Embrace what’s working and let the rest go.”

I heard that message again so clearly and specifically while asking for connection and guidance that I finally got it. I finally felt the truth through my denial and reluctance, their patience had paid off.

My connection may be similar or completely different then yours.  Initially my connection was through intuition. That thought… that made me walk back through the house before leaving for the office and noticing my keys, my ear buds, my water bottle and thinking… OH YEAH, I wanted to bring that.

Now as I progress that connection is more like messages. Sometimes words appear in my mind as an answer to specific question.  And not always at the moment that the question is asked. The trick (I am learning in more and different ways) in is the listening as well as the question.

What do you need to know

Our ego would drive the car if it could.  It really drives so much of our lives right now.  In my spiritual journey I always thought I needed answers to the questions that I formed… but my personal truth is that when I release my ego and just simply say: “What do I need to know right now?”  the answer and question comes to me through my connection to my guides and guardians.

For years and years I’ve been asking the questions that I THINK I need to know… but the truth is, that I wasn’t asking the right question.

I was asking the usual ego based questions like, “Why don’t I have… [fill in the blank]?”  or “How can I get… [fill in the blank]?” and while those questions seem pretty straight forward they weren’t what I really needed to know.  Finding the answers to what I need to know, helps everything move forward.

Allowing the answers to what you need to know soothes the soul and makes everything easier.

Take some time to connect

My solution to connecting to spirit guides and guardian angels is to spend some quiet time asking for the connection… then spend the rest of the day being aware and listening for their reply.  Sometimes you’ll wake up the next day from a fantastic dream and that’s your answer.  Sometimes you’ll notice that the same bird appears to be following you around town.  Sometimes you’ll just simply hear a voice say, “look up” and you’ll see the most beautiful sunset or sunrise.  Your introduction to your guides will come in all colors, flavors and ways.  Pay Attention and listen for their reply.  It will be different for each person.


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