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Clear that Negative Sticky Energy… you don’t need it!

Today I pulled a single card to provide a Free Tarot Reading.  read and I was immediately pushed to post.  Something about today, Thursday… you need this.  I need this.  We all need to take a moment and clear that sticky negative energy.

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards: Sacred Pool

Time to recharge isn’t just receiving and attracting and allowing more pure positive energetic flow from the universe into your soul… it’s also a time to release the energy that isn’t serving your higher purpose.

Yeah, you have some of that, we all do. Sometimes you are so focused on attracting what you want… that you forget to release the stuff you don’t want.

You have picked up some negative energy as you spend time or pass through the energetic fields of other people who are spinning on a lower level.  You’ve also picked up some low vibes from an intentional or unintentional psychic attack.  That is to say, someone that is jealous of some aspect of you, maybe a past relationship, your good fortune or someone who doesn’t even know you but saw you and shot a bullet of negativity in your direction.  Your energy protects you, but can’t deflect it all.  All of this energy that you pass through or is directed at you, is sticky… and some of it lingers.

Imagine it like cutting the grass. If your garden is like mine, your grass is a good 2 or 3 inches overdo for a trim.  You put on your special “mowing” sneakers, and set out to clear it down.  One mile of walking back and forth and you’re done.  But are you?  You survey your results and they are gorgeous.  Nice and tidy. But there’s more right?

You’ll certainly notice the debris when you take a shower.  All the little pieces, the dust, the pollen… all needs to be washed off you.

Energy is like that…

Fortunately, just like pollen, water is a great way to clear negative energy. Next time you take a shower, visualize the water and it’s ability to clean and clear, washing all of the negative energy into the ground to be recycled by the universe.  Imagine the bright white light of pure positive energy and potential coming down towards you through the crown on your head and filling your body with the warm loving and positive energy of God’s love and divine protection. (of course, you may replace the word “god” with your term for the universal life force that flows through and in everything from the beginning).

Your intention to clear your energy will help you recharge more effectively.  You see, you aren’t just needing to recharge your own personal and powerful power source, you are meant to clean it too.

Oh, and BTW the crystal here is dumortierite, this gorgeous blue stone is excellent in amplifying your psychic abilities specifically the third eye chakra and clear seeing. Additionally it helps with patience, on an intellectual level which is helpful if you are setting your intentions for patience.

Have an amazing day

Love & Light



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