crystal card reveal 6-23-2018

Cards & Crystal Psychic Tarot Reading for June 23

Good Morning Beautiful Ones

Select the card that pulls you and choose the number, then scroll down to see the meaning for you today.  Enjoy … Love & Love



Card #1) Reversed Knight of Pentacles w/Adventurine Crystal

Adventurine is one of the luckiest crystals especially for manifesting prosperity and wealth and it sheds light on the reversed pentacle as the knight sits upright and yet upside down holding the pentacle out and expecting his return.  Either you aren’t taking the action steps required to receive the success you are looking for, or you are looking for the wrong success.  In other words, you have everything you need to get and do and be everything you want, but there is a blockage either in our perception of exactly what you want, or in your allowance of having it manifest in a specific way.  I keep seeing that you have everything you need, talent, know-how, and while I don’t think you lack confidence, I can’t find the better word. You are confidence in your ability but perhaps not confident that it is enough… does that resonate?  I keep hearing that you have everything you need, perhaps it is time for the knight to climb off his horse, put down the pentacle and look at a map.  Understanding exactly where you want to go, and planning the exact steps to get there, will help you arrive at your destination.  You are divinely guided.


Card #2)  The Hermit w/Black Kyanite Crystal

Black Kyanite is a balancing crystal that ‘s beneficial for space clearing and energetic protection as well as letting go of things that are no longer aligned with your highest good. You are on solid ground when you are shining the light as a beacon for others and are steadfast in your support of helping them through their struggles.  Whether you realize it or not you are a light worker. This reading is simply a reminder to create boundaries that allow you to keep your energetic self-aligned with your heart and core and to practice psychic and energetic protection against the accidental negative energetic off-loads from those around you.  There is nothing sinister here, this is simply a reminder that you are important, your energetic self-care is important, if you are to continue to be the light of the world.


Card #3) Card Four of Wands w/ Labradorite Crystal

Labradorite is a crystal of destiny, awareness and power that connects you to the energy of light and love.  The crystal is a crystal of protection and so are the four wands as they carry the flowering canopy overhead.  This reading is a celebration of friendship and love, not a wild crowded moment, but one that it shared by only a few close friends.  There is abundance above and around you in both people and material possessions but the true gift in this card is the people you have available to call your friends. Enjoy this time right now. You are finally clear on what you want and you are ready to receive it. You deserve it.


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