best question to ask a psychic

What is the best question to ask a psychic?

What is the best question to ask a psychic?

I know a lot of people don’t ask questions when they go to a psychic or tarot reader.  Some people don’t ask because they was the test the psychic while others don’t know whether they should be asking questions.

I’m here to tell you, that getting a psychic reading is a lot like life… if you don’t ask the question… you won’t get the answer.  Sure your loved one may come through and encourage the Psychic to let them know that they are fine, and proud and no longer in pain.  But you have to remember, that the psychic is basically an interpreter.  They see, hear, feel, smell things that may make no sense to them but may make sense to you, so asking questions is only going to help.

Imagine going to a restaurant and expecting the waitress to know EXACTLY what you want.  You have to ask the question

The same is true for all great psychic readers.  You see the TV shows with the psychics rattling off information that immediately connects and comforts the audience, but what you’re looking at is a live show that was probably 3 or 4 hours long, edited down to the 30 minute slot.  Real life isn’t like that.

Your psychic reader is an interpreter.  Literally, it isn’t THEM with the message, it’s the universe, a higher non-physical power that is sharing information.  And it’s your psychic’s job to interpret the messages they see, hear, smell, feel into something that you will understand.  Of course, the nonphysical knows what’s important for you to know… the question is… do you?

When you ask, “What is important for me to know in my love life right now?”  you are allowing the messages from your angels and spirit guides to come through very specifically.  Your reader will be able to tell if that’s the right question based on their messages or if you’re receiving a tarot reading, the cards.  Maybe you’ll actually get the message from your guides that you should be focusing on work more than your relationship or lack of relationship.

You see, if you want answers start to ask the questions.

Stop asking questions that start with, “Why don’t I…?” or “Why can’t I…”  or “When will I…”  and start allowing the universe to answer the questions of your soul.  Start thinking in terms of “what do I need to know right now about …?”

AND… once you get the answer, remember to allow it.

Resisting your spiritual lessons doesn’t make them go away (take it from me, I have literally denied a specific lesson for the last 25 years… and here I am, just now realizing it)

Resisting a spiritual lesson simply means the universe will find new situations, circumstances and people to introduce the lesson to you … until you get it.

So, just a quick blog post here…

Ask the question : “What do I need to know right now about [fill in the blank here, general situations, love, relationships, money and careers]?”

Receive the answer.  Simply receive it.  Don’t analyze it, evaluate it’s validity… just let it come to you.  Hold it out in your hand, turn it around and upside down and really just look at it as if it were a curious rock.  Then put it in your pocket.  Occasionally put your hand in your pocket to remind yourself of this answer and look around for evidence supporting your on the right path.

You know if the cards tell you that right now you need to regain your focus and that you’re a bit unorganized and scattered…  You can touch that imaginary rock in your pocket when your next brilliant idea comes in that aims to take you away from your current project and spread you too thin… Maybe you decide to write your ideas in a book, so that when you’re done with the current project and it’s up and running the way you envision… you know what you’ll do next!

So, to recap.

Don’t try to test your psychic’s ability by making it harder for them to help you.  If you don’t trust your psychic, then find another psychic.

Come prepared to ask about the area in your life that you want to grow.

love and light



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