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Are you a Magnet or just Matter?

Lately I’ve been listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book: Becoming Supernatural.  I listen to it on Audible, and that allows me to digest bits and pieces and really grasp the important parts of what he’s saying.  The other benefit of listening on audible is the ability to bookmark.  This morning I thought I’d re-listen to sections that I thought were important or powerful enough to bookmark.  The part I like was about the magnetic field the surrounds … everything.  Literally, and even though we can’t see it we know it’s there and we know that magnetic fields have the ability to change or influence matter.

A refrigerator magnet influences the photo that it’s holding to the refrigerator just like the magnetic field that surrounds the earth protects us from the powerful solar flares from the sun. It’s easy to understand that something is happening when you see the photo on the fridge or the aurora borealis in the northern sky… not so easily to understand when you’re talking about yourself and your ability to unlock your energy and affect the world around you.

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks a lot about energy in this book. He explains A LOT of scientific ways to measure and support everything he covers, and I’m not a Dr. or a Scientist so I have to learn from other people and then test their theories as best as I can.  In my experience, we are able to co-create the world around us by allowing different and new experiences into our lives.  What we can’t do is “MAKE” other people co-create with us… what we can’t do it make other people understand that they are blocking their energy… or blocking their ability… or even just blocking their happiness, joy and abundance.

As a parent, it’s difficult to release the idea that we provide and that we are responsible and “in charge” of our kids.  The fact is that it’s our job to make sure they are healthy, well positioned to take on the challenges of life and through no fault of our own but through the gift of free will, out kids make choices that change their outlook and their perception of options.  It’s sometimes painful to see the choices they make and watch the mistakes they enter… and as I write this I imagine, it is no less difficult for our spirit guides to watch us muddle through our lives.

And I bring this parallel forward because this is exactly what I have been doing.  Literally… and nearly completely… ignoring the messages from my guardians and guides and just going along like I know what’s best.   I imagine myself putting up my hand to stop the nagging as I walk in the direction I’ve been warned against.

Today. I’m going to take a deep breath and really focus on what they want… and I’m going to turn myself into a magnet (again).

You see, you’re either a magnet or matter, which is to say, you’re either a magnet affecting matter around you… or the piece of paper being held on the refrigerator by a different magnet.

As I think about it… the benefit of being a magnet is to attraction and repel.  You know having a magnet in your hand, that certain sides attract and attach while other sides literally repel. That natural phenomena would certainly come in handy if I’m looking to bring things into my life and reduce the things in my life that don’t serve me.  Especially since the alternative is to literally be pulled and pushed around by other people’s magnetic pull.

As matter, you’re at the mercy of the influences around you.  As a magnet, you are an influencer.

So, how to be a magnet, well for starters you need to unblock your energy centers.  Dr. Joe Dispenza has a great energy center blessing meditation that can be found here: and you can read about this meditation in Chapter 4 on this page.  The actual meditation isn’t in the audio book (which is kind of a drag) but I got around it by recording it for myself.  The challenge… is to do the meditation.  This is where my guides are shaking their heads and being like, “Really? You’ve just heard why this is the most amazing way to change your life and you still aren’t doing it?”

It’s hard to imagine something that doesn’t fit into the world’s view of “making things happen” actually being able to make things happen?  Right?  I mean, you go to the gym and you feel the workout.   You go to work and you get paid.   You make a craft and you have the finished project.  This.  This is different.  This is a like a slow acting medication that needs to build up in your system and over time will have far reaching results.

Your energy matters. (no pun)

It’s time for you to get serious about unblocking your energy centers, get your energetic flow back on track and really stepping into your powerful aura of invisible positively charged energy!

Join me this week in clearing out the blockages and really activating powerful positive energy!

love and light


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