The universe is a gentle whispering song in our ears and it is up to each of us to listen and take action.

Contrary to most psychic stories or movies I didn’t grow up “seeing dead people” or hearing voices, instead I grew up firmly grounded in the scientific absolute of cause and effect.  It wasn’t until a series of unrelated events occurred that my path as an energetic healer and metaphysical coach and reader was revealed.

Or rather, it wasn’t until I learned the language of what I already knew to be true, that I realized that there was a reason I didn’t feel like everyone else.  It wasn’t until I had the vocabulary to create the inner story about my experiences that I realized I had been psychic all along. I knew things. (I thought everyone did)  I felt things. (I thought it was normal) I heard things. (I called it my imagination just like all of the well meaning adults in my life had done years before) … I connected. (it wasn’t until I allowed the connection with intention that my understanding was revealed)

I use the word revealed because it happens that way.  One minute you’re driving to work and the next minute you’re understanding signs from the universe and appreciating the manifestations of abundance in your life.

My whole life I feared the spiritual unknown, mostly because I was sensitive to idea of angels but afraid of demons.  I had been indoctrinated into the idea that you can not have one without the other.  Which is true… I suppose, however, it’s also like say… “I don’t want to learn to drive because I might get in an accident”.  The more I learned, the more I recognized how I had been using my gifts my whole life unintentionally.  (to keep with the driving analogy, that’s like driving before you learn how) The truth about being psychic is… you wear a seat belt.  That’s right, you perform psychic protection for you and your client.  You follow the GPS of your guides and intuition and allow the universe to speak.

In retrospect my journey to psychic reader seems very straight, albeit long in earth years, from adventurous and constantly questioning child… to a 20-something seeking spiritual growth in local churches, to now… still learning, still questioning… however in my mind I see so many twists and turns where I was carefully and gently nudged back in the proper direction.  Each time veered off the path, I came back… from a whisper or inspiration…a small still voice tells me: “This is what you are meant to do for now

I am not a psychic medium, which means that although I connect with spirit and my nonphysical guides, I do not regularly speak to those that have passed over.  I am inspired through intuition and my guides to help and serve others.

I’ve just started this website and it’s important that I set boundaries.  Currently I am only providing LIVE SKYPE or Zoom readings and Email Readings.

Please click here and read the legal disclaimer before booking any appointments.


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