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A New Home for Us! Morristown New Jersey

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, I can’t wait to share this exciting news!  I know you will be thrilled for us…  We have a shared office space in Lovely Downtown Morristown New Jersey!  I am pinching myself to because it feels too good to be true!

We are now providing our Psychic Reading Services inside

The Soul’s Inspiration Education & Wellness Center
31 South Street
Suite 209
Morristown, NJ 07960

AND… to celebrate I’ve created the

Tarot Reading Practice Group in Morristown

I know… is that big enough?  HA HA HA HA HA

Click the link to find out more about this wonderful group event.  Meet like minded people, practice your reading, help mentor other readers.

The meetup is on July 23, 7PM at our new home in Morristown!

Thank you for letting us share our wonderful news!

Have an amazing day.

Today’s Reading:  The Fool

What I love about this card is his wanton disregard for the world around him as he wanders across the world and precariously close to the edge.  However my focus today is on the puppy japping at his heals.  Today it feels like the puppy is the world and the static and the noise, and rather than controlling and shaping our view, it is a joyful companion to our travels.  The truth is this is a card, not a true spinning gravity filled planet and that means that the cliff holds no danger for the adventurer in this card. Because he can just as easily dance in the clouds as he can on the ground.  The issue is when the joyfully jumping companion at our feet, is perceived as a guide and not companion that we stop tapping into our soul, and stop living at our highest level to our higher self.  Our reality is reality, we can not dance in the clouds, but we can stop the chatter and static and noise of the world around us, and what we think other people think and what we think we’re supposed to do, and tune into our soul.  Take the moments required to really tap into our own inner guidance and breath.  Get Centered. Get Grounded.  Feel relief.
free tarot reading from Real Tarot Reading

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