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3 of Wands – You Today

OMG this card.  I wasn’t going to do a reading, really truly I was on my way out the door.  As I sat to turn off my computer and light and head out to the office and remembered this morning, while printing a permission slip for my kids I knocked my Gilded Tarot Box off my desk.  And, before I could turn anything off and step out to start my day, I decided… one card.

3 of wands from gilded tarot: real tarot readingIt was immediately apparent that this card was for me… and you.  It isn’t just me it’s speaking to anyone on a journey.  It shows us exactly how we need to feel in order to invite prosperity, adventure and abundance into our lives.  I need to steadily grasp the wand to keep us steady and be prepared to only take one.  We need to be prepared to let go of the baggage that doesn’t serve us.

We need to be prepared to look at the adventure, even the adventures that fill us with fear… with a sense of excitement and longing.

You and I need to let go of those things that are holding us back and step into our soul’s purpose.  It’s there. We can see it if we choose. It’s not here yet, but it’s within reach.

It’s time to pay attention.

It’s time to spend time and ask yourself the tough questions about what’s holding you back

It’s time to be your champion and traveler and adventurer and mystic.  It’s time for you to tell yourself a different story about what’s possible for you.  You see it’s possible, and you’ve convinced yourself that it’s only possible for people who are prettier, younger, smarter, more talented… and you are missing the point about who you are to you.  YOU are those things. Stop worrying about what you think other people with think, and start understanding that you are seeking alignment with your soul purpose and you are the only person that can tell when you have found it.

Seek alignment. Check in with yourself throughout the day and you will find small and large ways that you can be more of what you want to be.

You are amazing. You are talented. You are divinely guided.


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