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What do you need to know right now?  

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Weekly Tarot Reading Subscription

Thank you for booking your Weekly Tarot Reading Subscription. As you know, your first week is free.  You will be charged weekly for our psychic tarot reading services after your first week.  You may cancel at any time.    

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Request Psychic Reading Via Email

Hello Beautiful One, thank you for visiting my site. If you are here, you are interested in requesting a Psychic Reading which will be delivered via email.  This is one of my favorite ways to connect with my guides as…..

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meet your guides in weekly readings

Real Tarot Reading – Meet Your Guides with Weekly Readings

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, How should I put this?  This is an offer. The universe is calling for you to connect to see a different path.  That feeling you have in your gut or pit of your stomach is your…..

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What do you need to know right now?  

What you need to know right now about today

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, This morning I’m writing with a cherished message from my guides to you. There is a difference between the actual physical reality and our perception of our physical reality.  I was thinking about this yesterday and…..

clearing energy centers

Are you a Magnet or just Matter?

Lately I’ve been listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book: Becoming Supernatural.  I listen to it on Audible, and that allows me to digest bits and pieces and really grasp the important parts of what he’s saying.  The other benefit of…..

connecting with spirit guides (2)

Connecting with Your Spirit Guides and Guardians

Connection with Your Guides The truth is… Your connection to your guides and guardians is as individual as you.  You may see bright lights, orbs, transparent beings, or hear voices, smell cinnamon and feel compelled to say or do something. …..

heal your shadow self with tarot readings

How Tarot Readings Help Heal Your Shadow

Whether you call it your Shadow Self or Spiritual Shadow or even your Unconscious / Subconscious this hidden personal presence is responsible for more decisions then most people give it credit.  This piece of yourself that you carry around and…..

best question to ask a psychic

What is the best question to ask a psychic?

What is the best question to ask a psychic? I know a lot of people don’t ask questions when they go to a psychic or tarot reader.  Some people don’t ask because they was the test the psychic while others…..

The Art of Letting Go – The Death Card

This afternoon I was inspired by another psychic healer to do a reading for myself about my business asking the universe, what do I need to know.  It was a simple reading, only 3 cards (near past, present and near…..

7 of Wands – Gilded Tarot

Powerful Choice Doorway Strong Inner / Outside Light   This card is meant to help you understand that this moment right now is just… this moment.  You are headed in the right direction. You are going to have difficulties and…..

The Reading Revealed

Select a Card Free Tarot Reading

Good Morning Beautiful Souls,  This morning I feel like a free 1 card reading of your choice is called for and I’ve pulled from my lovely Gilded Tarot.  You’ll see below 4 cards, each numbered.  You’ll also probably notice that…..

what if this is all a dream

Waking Up

What if this is all a dream.  Like don Miguel Ruiz suggests in his book The Four Agreements?  What if it’s really true. The answer is simple.  It is true.  And, once you recognize your personal power you are able…..